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Jamell Crouthers is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster who has taken on a journey of writing in the prime of his life. He has been writing poetry since the age of 13 but never thought he could utilize his talent to tell stories and write books. He is not the traditional author as he writes his books in poetry format with a focus on storylines and societal issues.

After publishing 14 books, his goals and plans are to continue writing books on taboo subjects that aren't discussed enough in today's world and bringing those main subjects to the forefront. Jamell's blogs tackle societal issues, how he writes his books, his journey as an author and some motivational blogs that will get you to focus on your goals. His goal and moniker is, "to change the world, one book at a time."

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The biggest thing that we all live with in our lives is REGRET. My goal with this blog mostly is to get you to not live with any REGRETS. I don't want you all to grow old and sit around thinking to yourself, "what if I took a chance," or "what if I worked toward my passion?" As Gary Vaynerchuk says, "go spend time in a senior home and you'll hear so many older people sharing their REGRETS." Which is very true because I'm in my 30s and I REGRET not putting the work into this writing journey early on.

Granted for me, it's not too late for me and I figured out my purpose in life but I don't want it to happen to you. I want you all to be happy in what you're doing and to not live with REGRETS in your life. What happens to us is we live a life of comfort and we have to get out of that. We have to go out on a limb and go do something that makes us uncomfortable.

We spend most of our lives looking for the acceptance of others and feeling wanted by others. We have our minds programmed from a young age that school is important and college degree will make you successful in life. It doesn't apply to every field that you do (unless you're a lawyer, doctor, engineer, information technology) just to name a few. The reality is when you're blessed with a talent, most of it comes naturally to you and it's something that you were born to do.

At the end of the day, you don't want to get older, reflect back on your life and have REGRETS on things that you wished you did. Go work toward something that you love and are passionate about. At least if it doesn't workout, you can say that you went for it and don't have to wonder what if you did what could have been the outcome.

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

If you're trying to win the RACE now, your journey will take a big halt later on. Too many of us are trying to win so bad right now to prove to people we are great at what we do that we have to understand it's not a RACE, it's a marathon. We should be understanding that whatever we are working on, when the time comes for everyone to know what we're about, it will be well worth the wait.

I've written plenty of books, posted a lot of blogs, recorded a good amount of podcasts and it would be great if I got the results now. It would be awesome if everyone knew who I was and what I do but there's a reason why I'm not there yet. Am I sure why? Not totally but I know that by the time people realize who I am, they will have so much catching up to do which to me is a great thing.

This is why I implore you all to think about what your goals are. Do you want the notoriety now and right away to where it may not last as long as waiting and having longevity in what you're doing? It's something to really think about when it comes to all that you're currently doing right now. This is for the people who are working on something big but are down on themselves that they aren't seeing results yet.

Remember I made 3 years in February with writing by books and it's not easy at all. The time I'm putting into improving and standing out from the crowd is crucial in how successful I'll be in the future. So if I'm not where I want to be yet, just know that I'm continuing to go hard and you should too. We're in this together and I want to see you succeed as bad as I want to succeed myself.

Now go work hard and accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

We all see entrepreneurs and people who are successful and they talk about their routines and what works for them. Some wake up as early as 4 a.m. to start their days and they sleep 6 hours a night. We're always told to wake up early and get ahead of the people who are sleep. Well....here's what I will tell you...find a ROUTINE that works for you. Don't feel obligated to sleep less to wake up early and do work when you're not at your best.

I'm not a morning person, never have been, never will be. But I am surely a night person and I do my best work at night. It's all in what you're comfortable with and how productive you're going to be. I can never wake up at 5 a.m. and be productive in any way, shape or form which is why I've never done it from the moment I started this journey.

Now have I gone to bed at 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. sometimes because I was up all night working on things? Yes I have and there's nothing wrong in doing it that way. I know for me I work a full-time job currently Monday-Thursday and when Thursday night at 8:45 p.m. comes, I know I have work to do from that time until 7:30 a.m. Monday morning. In between that time, I have errands to do, food shopping, and adult responsibilities but I'm always making sure I have allotted time to get things done.

If you're a morning person, go for it, wake up early and get things done. If you're a night owl, stay up late, do your work and get your rest. What matters is how you start your day and how you finish your day. Mental focus and sticking to what has worked for you will allow you to grow and be great.

Having a good diet, eating right, exercise, having good people around you and doing things that make you happy is what will keep you in good spirits. Routines are necessarily a bad thing, they help you stay organized, on point, it keeps your mind clear and it makes for a great story in your journey. I have a ROUTINE that works for me and I will continue doing it because it's what has allowed me to create so much content.

Do what makes you happy always! Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Life can get really hectic at times and sometimes you need QUIET time for yourself. Every once in a while, you need to recharge your battery so you're fresh mentally and emotionally. No one is ever at their best when life is stressful and they're dealing with so much at one time. Sometimes we need to shutout the world for just a little while to get ourselves back to 100%.

For me, I need quiet time and I do in various ways. There are nights I get home from work and when I eat dinner, I don't have my phone near me, no iPad, and no television. It's just me and eating my meal, that's it. I avoid thinking about my day or what I have to do in regards to my projects. Sometimes when I'm off from work, I will lay in bed in silence in my house when no one is around. There are days when I'm off where I'll listen to music to relax my mind (ambient or electronic music helps me a lot).

It's not easy to deal with the stresses of life that will come your way. It's all in how you manage it and understand that you need a break from the world. Going out with friends is not going to always help, being around friends is not always the move either, it's literally just shutting yourself down and spending time alone.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed with life and all that's going on, take sometime for yourself and get your mind right. Rest your body, cater to your soul and listen to what your mind and body are telling you.

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers