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Jamell Crouthers is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster who has taken on a journey of writing in the prime of his life. He has been writing poetry since the age of 13 but never thought he could utilize his talent to tell stories and write books. He is not the traditional author as he writes his books in poetry format with a focus on storylines and societal issues.

After publishing 14 books, his goals and plans are to continue writing books on taboo subjects that aren't discussed enough in today's world and bringing those main subjects to the forefront. Jamell's blogs tackle societal issues, how he writes his books, his journey as an author and some motivational blogs that will get you to focus on your goals. His goal and moniker is, "to change the world, one book at a time."

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HAPPINESS is the name of the game. It's not money, cars, big houses, yachts, expensive vacations, buying materialistic things that will bring you happiness. You surely can't put it all in a casket and be buried with it, that's for sure. Now if you are striving for that as your end goal, then you're thinking about trying to impress others. If you want the money to be able to travel and live freely then great.

I'm not saying to not strive for a nice house or a nice car but do it on your own terms, not on other people's terms. HAPPINESS is the key to success because if you love what you do everyday, the money will come and it won't even be that much of a concern. As they say the more money that comes your way, the more stressed you become and the more problems that come your way.

The world pushes out all of these celebrities, athletes and CEOs of companies who are rich as hell financially but mentally unhappy and emotionally drained. The money aspect is only shown but most of us don't know that they're going through things behind the scenes that we don't know of. If you think that they're happy with all of the money they have and the numerous problems they have, you're only fooling yourself.

When you see people who don't care to make millions but are fine making $500,000 a year and they're happy, they're good. There are people who are great at what they do and are cool making $250,000 a year, that's great too. The ideal goal for everyone is always $1 million dollars, that's when life starts and it's not really reality.

If you wake up everyday happy that you're alive, breathing, have all of your extremities, then you're successful. Getting to do what you want and live life on your own terms, that's the added piece to your happiness. Whenever I have time to write these motivational and inspirational blogs, write my books, record my podcasts and work on audiobooks, I'm at my happiest.

Whenever this all takes off, I doubt I'll want a huge house or the most expensive car. It's because I'm happy living a simpler life and don't care for attention. I'm more focused on living on my own terms and traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.

With that said, be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Here's one thing that I want you all to understand, when it comes to accomplishing your goals, the GRIND has to be everyday. I know what you're thinking, it has to be everyday? Yes it has to be, I'm not necessarily saying you have to work toward your goals for hours a day. What I'm saying is do something that'll get you close to the end goal.

GRINDING doesn't mean that you're doing work for 10 hours a day, it can be 4 hours a day on the weekend and maybe 1-2 hours during the week (if you have a full-time job). The GRIND means that you're also thinking, processing things, mentally focusing on certain things. The GRIND can mean just writing down things that have to be done. The GRIND can be reading up on something that'll help you to work on your goals. It can be a plethora of things, it's not always ducking your head and doing work like a madman or mad woman.

The GRIND everyday for me is an hour a day Monday-Wednesday, Thursday is 3-4 hours, Friday-Sunday is 6-7 hours per day. That's my average and it changes weekly depending on how I'm feeling physically and mentally. Some days I do more work than others but one thing is for sure, I'm always doing something that's going to get me to where I want to be. For me, there is never an end goal, there's always work to do.

If you need a certain amount of sleep daily and an allotted time for leisure (gym, listening to music, thinking, relaxation, TV shows) then do that. I just want you all to stay focused on the task at hand and the work that has to be done to achieve greatness. Life is a balancing act and it can get hard at times with so many distractions being thrown your way. Mental focus will be the most important thing you'll need to get to where you want to be.

So when I say GRIND everyday, it means stay focused and remember why you started. Have a mission statement for yourself and stick to it. Mine is "Trying to change the world, one book at a time."

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

One thing I have to say about accomplishing your big goals is you have to want it more than anyone else in this world. Easier said than done right? You don't want to do work today? Well, someone is outworking you, will that get you out of bed to do work? Yeah I figured that would do it. You're going to go through the grind of trying to get to the end goal and you're going to fail at things, there's no question about that. It's just a matter of whether you're going to let those FAILURES define you or if you're going to keep going.

FAILURE is not an option for me, I've come too far on this journey to stop. I've been writing books for 3 years, I've been recording podcasts for a year, writing these blogs for almost 3 years, recording YouTube videos for a few months and I'm still not where I want to be. I get a few books sales occasionally, have made dumb and bad investments into trying to get my books going. I've accepted that I've lost money in this whole process but if I gave up now, I'd always wonder what if I didn't and just kept going?

Nothing in this process is easy for me, I write these blogs, record audiobooks, write books, format them, make book covers, market and promote my books, record weekly podcasts, record YouTube videos, post on social media, engage on social media, writing screenplays, it's non-stop and neverending for me. There's always work for me to do and in the midst of all of this, I've failed quite a few times.

I sent my script to a production company in Los Angeles and was told it's more of a theater piece than a movie. I took his feedback and thought about it and realized that maybe it is. It doesn't mean that I won't make it in movies as a screenwriter, I could still write a movie script and it works. I spent a large amount of money on a virtual book tour for one of my books to not get one sale and my books are in at least 10 bookstores online.

The point is if you really want it bad enough, you'll keep working at what you're doing. They say it takes years to build something special and big enough to where you can make a living doing it. I'm continuing to build my platform and my brand because by the time people realize who I am and what I'm going, they'll have a lot of catching up to do (15 books, over 50 podcasts, YouTube videos, and over 100 blogs).

So today I want to instill in your mind, FAILURE is not an option. That you're going to keep going and you're not going to let anyone or anything stop you from achieving all that you want. The world is huge, with over 7 billion people, someone will like and appreciate what you're doing no matter what it is.

Today officially makes 3 years I've been writing books and I've written 15 books. So please take a moment to look at some of the societal issue books I've written:

Amazon: http://amazon.com/author/jamellcrouthers
All other bookstores: https://books2read.com/ap/nmXA1R/Jamell-Crouthers

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

When you were a kid, did you ever have a teacher who always said what the title of this blog is, "Strive for EXCELLENCE?" I'm quite sure there was at least one teacher who had an impact on your life, you just didn't see it that way at that moment. But when you reflect back on it now, you realize that they said this for a reason.

What happens as we get older and become adults, we become people who are trying to survive in a dog eat dog world. We stop striving for EXCELLENCE in whatever we are doing. We are just trying to make it, living check to check and not focusing on our goals. We lose our sense of drive to do anything and mentally we become so tired of the daily grind.

We forget about those people when we were younger who always told us to strive for EXCELLENCE. So take the time to think about your childhood and those who instilled values of hard work and dedication to what you love and are passionate about. Life is surely not what most of us are dealing with right now, paying rent, paying school loans, car payments, car insurance, food and whatever is left is for us. Life is more than that so we must understand that we have to start living for us and not for others.

Think about your kids (if you don't have any, think of other younger kids) and what their lives will be in the future. Do you want them to see you living a life of mediocrity and living a monotonous life? Remember kids emulate what adults do and if they see you not striving for EXCELLENCE, why would they do it themselves?

Life is a journey, we should enjoy it, not be mentally, physically and emotionally drained due to the way society is structured. This world is not structured for you to always win, we have to go out there and take what's ours.

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

I've always followed the 4Ds when it comes to accomplishing my big goals. You have to DREAM about it all of the time, have the necessary DRIVE to get things done, have the DETERMINATION no matter what obstacles you face and the DEDICATION to getting better at what you do no matter what it is. Those are imperative to how you become the greatest at what you do.

A DREAM is something that you may have but it has to turn into reality by actually doing the work. Your goals may be too big for someone else to believe but if you believe in yourself, anything can happen. Everyone has their moment and as long as you're constantly working toward something, the results will show down the line.

Having DRIVE has to be in you, you don't necessarily develop that over time. You have to want it more than anyone or anything else. The way I keep my DRIVE going is, there's someone working harder than me right now. I'm always in competition with myself and that's what makes the bad days get better. There are plenty of days I don't have that internal DRIVE but I always tell myself, if I do 30 minutes of work today instead of an hour or 2 hours, it's one step closer to achieving my goals.

The DETERMINATION is something you have to have in you too. There's going to be so many distractions and things going on in your life which may prevent you from doing the work you need to do. But when you want it bad enough, you make time to do your work and get things done. We all have different things going on in our lives and excuses aren't going to fly with people who have just as much on their plate as you do.

When you have the DEDICATION to perfecting your craft, you'll always be striving for greatness no matter what. It's hard to stay dedicated to things sometimes but if you want to better your life and be able to live on your own terms, the DEDICATION  is something you must have. The journey is not easy but the work isn't going to do itself.

The 4Ds that I live by are gold for me when it comes to doing these blogs, writing my books, recording my audiobooks and podcasts and so many more projects that I work on. With that said....

Be good, and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

If you can't DISCIPLINE yourself, you're not going to win. You have to be willing to do your work when you don't want to. You have to be willing to do work when you're tired. You have to be willing to do work when you don't want to. The DISCIPLINE is a must in order to get to where you want to be.

The time, energy, effort, patience, hard work is what matters the most and that requires DISCIPLINE. You're going to slack off, you're going to be lazy, you're going to go hangout with your friends, you're going to watch your favorite TV shows, you're going to watch sports, but here's the thing. You have to be willing to balance it out or else you're not going to finish what you're working on.

You have to be willing to turn off the TV, not go out, not hangout with family and friends, staying up late, or waking up early. It's all up to you in what you're going to get done. The DISCIPLINE comes from your work habits, how you balance your life, what you're doing while everyone else is having fun.

You owe it to yourself, unless you want to sit at a desk working for someone else for the rest of your life. You have DISCIPLINE to wake up every morning to go to a corporation and make money for someone else. So why can't you have DISCIPLINE to work on something that you love and are passionate about? You've been DISCIPLINED all of your life on everyone else's terms so why can't you be DISCIPLINED on your own terms?

You have to want it more than anyone else. No one should be outworking you and if you don't have that drive, it's not going to come to you randomly. You either have it or you don't so get to work!

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

The World We Live In Series was a series that wasn't easy to write at all. With the conclusion of this series coming with Parts 4 & 5, it was only fitting that I share what went into writing the rest of this series. I never wanted anyone to die on my books, I wanted the focus to be on resilience, growth, passion, love, compassion and understanding of human being struggles.

The World We Live In Part 4 will be released on February 8th and Part 5 will be released on February 22nd. These characters were the hardest to write because you have to develop story lines that are believable and show internal struggle. While these story lines are fictional, it does focus on real world social issues that go on.

When I started Part 1, I had no intentions on writing about 19 different people from all walks of lives. They're different ages, genders, races, and I wanted to make this series about humanity. All of the issues that I talk about from rape to domestic violence, homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism, women's issues, and so many more, there was a focus on the characters and what they're dealing with.

This series was the toughest one to write because it's putting yourself in someone's shoes and putting a large amount of emotion and feelings into it. It got me emotional a lot because writing it becomes a huge challenge. I had to take quite a few breaks mentally that's why it takes me 6-8 weeks to write these books and sometimes even longer.

Granted it's in poetry prose format and I went a different route in how I wrote it, I want you all to understand it's a lot to take in. A lot of my reviews people said it's a lot to take in and most read books in one sitting. This series is definitely not books you read in one sitting because it's very emotional.

If you haven't read the first 3 books in the series, definitely go get them ASAP and read them before Parts 4 & 5 release.

Part 1:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ENkyaW
Other bookstores:  https://www.books2read.com/u/m0zr50

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Sometimes in life we compromise with people to make things better in certain situations. When it comes to our goals, we should never compromise and here's why:

1. You should always be around people who will push you to strive for greatness.
2. When you compromise, you're mentally telling yourself, your goals aren't important to accomplish.
3. Compromising your goals for someone else is being selfish to yourself.
4. Knowing yourself and how important things are to you is imperative.
5. You are preventing yourself from growth mentally by pushing your goals to the side.

Those are just a few but there are plenty more reasons but you guys get my point. The biggest thing that we all deal with later on in our lives is regret. When you have opportunities to do things that you want, do it then, not later because by then, you may not be able to do it.

If you have family and friends who are hindering you from achieving your goals, you have to take a step back and reevaluate how much value they provide to your life. If your significant other is preventing you from accomplishing your goals, you have to think are they providing value to your life now and if they will support you in your future endeavors.

Take the time to think about your life, who is in your inner circle and they're pushing you to be the greatest person possible. If not, then it's time to meet people who will provide that value that you need in your life. Sometimes the closest people to you are toxic and don't want to see you succeed because they can't do what you're doing.

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Insecurity is what keeps us from achieving greatness. I can live and die off of that because I already know that there are people who don't believe in me. Some have told me directly to my face and some I just can tell by their behavior that they don't BELIEVE in me. Some of us have snake skin and can handle that aspect of it and some of us don't quite have it.

Here's my thing, if you don't have snake skin, eventually you're going to have to develop it. Especially if you want to accomplish and achieve big things in your life. It's not going to be easy and it's all a growing process to develop snake skin and to only listen to your internal voice in your mind. Having self-doubt and uncertainty is part of the growth process and the journey, I go through it myself.

I only tell you guys this because this is my truth and I have no reason to lie to those who read my blogs. A lot of days aren't easy and I do question myself of why I'm doing all of this writing, blogs, podcasts, audiobooks and not getting the results I want. I'm only approaching three years of this journey so if I've come this far, why would I stop now?

If you don't BELIEVE in yourself, who else is going to BELIEVE in you? That's the key in all of this, understanding and knowing who you are and how great you can be. We're all blessed with talents, it's a matter of utilizing them to impact others and the world. So today I come to you and ask you, do you BELIEVE in yourself?

I hope you do because if you don't, I want you to start! Greatness comes with being self-aware of your strengths!

Be good everyone, and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

The biggest difference between people who say what they're going to do something and the ones who actually do it, it's they take action. You have to be willing to back up your actions and start doing the work to achieve the success? Too many people these days will talk about what they want to do or what they wish they can do but don't start at all.

Taking action shows you mentally that you are willing to do more than just talking about it. Do you find yourself always saying to yourself or others that you're going to do something as far as your goals and then never getting to it? Do you find yourself making excuses that you don't have time to get anything done?

Yeah I can see you nodding your head right now. Well, congratulations, welcome to being an adult and having to improve your time management skills. That's the name of the game when it comes to taking action, knowing what is important to you and what isn't. What I tell people all of the time is take time to think about the amount of time you waste each day, because we all do it.

How much time do you spend engulfed in other people's lives on social media? How much time do you spend playing video games or games on your technological devices? How much time do you spend watching, Netflix, Hulu, sports games or TV shows on your television? Are you willing to make the sacrifice of doing those things to strive for something that you love and want to do?

See, this is a blog specially for people who have goals and want to achieve them. This is a blog for people who are complaining about their life of monotony and aren't doing something about it. So here's my challenge to you today and going forward....take action and go do the work! It's not going to just happen and it's going to take a lot of work. It's going to take consistency everyday no matter if you work toward your goal for 30 minutes a day or 2 hours a day. Any amount of time spent toward your goals is moving you a step closer to achieving it.

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all finished 2018 strong and you're ready for the new year! I hope the holidays was good for everyone but now....it's time to get back to the grind. What's on the agenda for this year? Motivating you guys as much as possible to go work on your goals and dreams. Also sharing my journey with my books I've written on social issues going on in the world.

This year, my blogs will consist of keywords that will be in big letters which is what I want you to focus on. Sometimes we all need a little push and hopefully some of these blogs will resonate with you and will get you on the road to working on yourself and your goals. It's not easy, believe me because I go through my phases of not being motivated and not wanting to do anything.

So my question to all of you reading is, what are your goals this year? Did you notice how I said, "goals" and not New Year's Resolutions? I stopped doing New Year's Resolutions years ago and I started telling myself I'm always a work in progress every single day, and you are too. Have you sat down and worked on your goals for yourself? I hope you did because with all of the blog content coming, it's going to make you think about your life and your purpose.

There will be blogs on taking action, mental focus, your purpose in life, being true to yourself, embracing the journey you're on, finding your passion and so many more! I hope you guys subscribe to my blog and listen to my podcast, The Aquarianmind Podcast which is now on 5 platforms (Spotify, Google Play, Podbean, iTunes and Stitcher).

Let's start this year off right! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers