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Jamell Crouthers is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster who has taken on a journey of writing in the prime of his life. He has been writing poetry since the age of 13 but never thought he could utilize his talent to tell stories and write books. He is not the traditional author as he writes his books in poetry format with a focus on storylines and societal issues.

After publishing 14 books, his goals and plans are to continue writing books on taboo subjects that aren't discussed enough in today's world and bringing those main subjects to the forefront. Jamell's blogs tackle societal issues, how he writes his books, his journey as an author and some motivational blogs that will get you to focus on your goals. His goal and moniker is, "to change the world, one book at a time."

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Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Series

The Code Blue Series somehow became something bigger than me. The best way to describe it is looking at the world now and what’s going on, ...

The most impactful people have routines and every single day. CEOs of the biggest companies in the world have routines that they follow all of the time. I watched a YouTube video on it and I’ve read articles on how CEOs of big companies do the same things daily.

When I got to thinking about this, I realized I do so many routine things. My days always start with being thankful I’m alive, to always drinking water before I leave my house. I don’t eat food for the first 3-4 hours I’m awake to allow the water I drink to open up my stomach for food intake.

I eat the same times every day no matter what, Saturday’s I skip lunch and have a fulfilling dinner. Saturday’s I iron my clothes for work on Sunday and I know what I’m wearing days ahead of time. I wear things based on the weather, what shoes I want to wear and comfort. It’s been a routine for me for over 2 years and it very rarely changes.

Sunday’s consist of cutting my hair and shaping it up and then shaving. I never go to work not cleanly shaved or my hair shaped up (even if I don’t cut my hair). There’s always a sense of structure for me and I tend to make my lunch the night before. The reality is I’m not a morning person and the last thing I want to do is make decisions early in the morning.

During the week while I’m working Corporate America, I’m working towards my bigger goals. I’m always working on a book, a podcast idea, or a blog (which I’m currently writing on my train ride to work). My weekends are always working on projects and it’s a never ending grind. Some days I do less work for others but I very rarely take breaks, especially for long periods of time. When I do take breaks, it’s to workout, go play basketball or listen to music to get my thoughts right. 

The one thing I’ve accepted is, Corporate America isn’t for me and it never will be. I’m fixated and focused on achieving greatness with my writing and storytelling and the sacrifices I’ve made and will continue to make will get me there. It does mean not seeing my family and friends for long periods of time (granted I see my best friends once a week most times). It means I’ve missed BBQ, weddings, family events, going to sports bars, going to sports games and many other things. Those are the things I’ve sacrificed because this journey is bigger than me.

In my mind, to look at people who run major corporations that have certain things they stick to daily, it only means I’m heading in the right direction. So I can be made fun of for always bringing my own breakfast and lunch to work but that keeps money in my pocket. The money I’m not spending on food daily, it allows me to invest into publishing my books, marketing, promotion and other projects.

Take the time to think about what decisions you have to make regularly. Then think about how you can eliminate those constant decisions so you can focus on more important tasks. The less repetitive decisions you have to make, the better off you’ll be to have your mind clear of clutter. 

What sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve you goals? What do you think it takes to get to the finish line? When you get to the finish line, are you done? Are you fulfilled? What is the next goal you chase? 

It’s all a journey, remember when you impact others, it all comes down to decisions.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers


Ever since I started on this writing journey, it’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. I've always wondered how long I’d write books and then walk away from it and go do something else. Now I have book ideas from now through 2023 so I don’t think I’m stopping anytime soon. Will they all turn into published books? Only time will tell.

My ultimate happiness will be when millions of people are reading my books and being impacted by my stories. Even when I hit that point, I’ll feel so obligated to write more books and continue the journey. My love for writing has become my life and my sense of fulfillment.

It’s never going to be about me, I want the stories to define me and how I write. It’s a different approach to my writing and I’m caught between my books being subjective, poetic, poetry prose, literary fiction, story line, character driven books. So I don’t necessarily fit in one specific genre and I like it that way. I’m able to stand out a bit and as I write more books, readers will see the difference in how I write compared to others.

For me, getting married and having kids is no longer at the top of my list. It’s these stories, my books, my podcasts, the audiobooks, social media engagement, that’s what I’m focused on. While those things are happy moments that will forever be remembered, when you die, no one remembers when you got married, how many kids you had, you’re remembered for how good of a person you were and how many people you impacted in your life.

Maybe that’s why I always think of how many people I can reach around the world with my books. Every time I publish a new book, I know I’m one step closer to my goal. By the time people realize how much content I've published, they'll be playing catch up (which is totally fine with me). In a way, I'm glad people don't totally know who I am quite yet because the more content I have, the more inclined people will be to read what I've written.

These blogs are an added component to what goes on inside of my mind. My podcasts are just a stepping stone to what I write about in my books and why I write my books. My social media are bits and pieces of me behind the scenes and knowing what makes me who I am as a person and as a man. My personal Instagram page is a delve into my life, my poetry page delves inside of my mind, what I feel and what I go through daily.

It’s hard to put out a lot of my thoughts but it’s how I’m thinking at the present time. Will things change in my mindset in the future? Probably and if your mindset changes towards certain aspects of your life, that’s totally fine. You’re allowed to, that what life is about, changes. 

Enjoy and embrace your journey, it won’t always be smooth sailing but it will be worth it.

My books are here on the website and my podcast is The Aquarianmind Podcast where I discuss societal issues going on in today's world. 

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

There's always a challenge for everyone, to get better at whatever they're passionate about and good at. Then comes the question of how you're going to do it. For me, it's all about continuing to hone my craft daily and consistently. Writing everyday is what I love to do so the challenge is writing content that impacts others and will make them think.

I write short poems daily and I always think, is this something that will impact someone and will make them think? If the answer is yes, then I share it on social media, if it doesn't, then I go back and either re-write it or I scrap it altogether. So yes there are a lot of poems that don't make it to social media or they don't get finished and they get deleted.

I'm never afraid of what the world will think when I share my writing because not everyone will relate to what I'm writing about. I'm more concerned about the people who consistently read my poetry and want a fresh new perspective on life and what's going on in the world.

Getting better and writing something no one has even thought about is what keeps me going. It also let's people know that you're not fixated on one specific subject area. When I'm working on my books, I'm telling a story in poetry format. That's the most challenging thing to do because it has to sound good, you're setting a scene and making sure that a person can visual what's being written.

What's the advice that I can give that'll help with honing your craft?
1. Know what your goals are and why you're doing it.
2. Be consistent in whatever you're doing (even when you don't want to do it).
3. Patience is the biggest component to whatever you're doing.
4. Improve everyday in whatever you're doing (growth is very important).
5. Love the good, bad and ugly of it (it's not always going to be great).

Part of this game is to love it and not give up when things aren't going well. I'm approaching 3 years of this journey and the results are getting there. Just know that your time is coming, you'll never know when but it's coming. Be positive (you won't be everyday, that's normal and fine), but visualize the end goal of it.

Don't rush the process, it's about longevity and legacy (well at least for me).

My books are available on the website and my podcast The Aquarianmind Podcast is available for listening on iTunes.

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

The reality of life is you're not going to wake up everyday inspired or motivated. But you can still live everyday with a sense of purpose. There has to be a why you are doing what you're doing. It's time you re-evaluate your life and the direction that it's going. You have to figure out what your purpose is in life.

I didn't really have purpose in my life until I was 32 years old. I'm 35 years old now so just imagine if I would have figured out my purpose in my 20s how far along I would be in my life. But, I can't reflect on my past, I can only focus on right now and living in the moment. The way I think about it is, I had to go through experiences and learn a lot before I figured out what my purpose in life is.

I've been writing since I was 13 years old in a small studio apartment in the suburbs and now here I am in my mid-30s knowing that my books can and will impact many people. The only reason why I give you a brief story of my life, it's to give you that drive to think about what you're supposed to be doing with your life.

There's no easy roads to figuring this out and sometimes you may have to do different things to know what you love and what your passion is. Living a life of monotony is not going to do much justice for you and if you're stuck in a rut, you have to work on getting out of it. What you put into your life and your goals is what you'll get back (and it won't always be right away).

It took me years to start living a life with purpose, don't let that be you.

My books are available on the website and my podcast The Aquarianmind Podcast is available for listening. It's definitely worth listening to my podcast and seeing the books I've written!

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers