I Don't Have Dreams, I Have Goals

Dreams are memories you have in your sleep, some are good, some aren't so good. I've never really had a dream about my journey that I'm on with my writing. It's always thoughts that I have in my head of people telling me that my books have impacted their lives which leads me to explaining how I don't have dreams, I have goals.

I have goals because I can do them while I'm awake, coherent, I have all of my senses and I can work toward them. When I accomplish one goal, it really is onto the next one. There's no time for me to celebrate, gloat, do a dance, I have more to get done. When you have a mindset of just having goals, you'll work toward them constantly.

When you dream, it's more of the mindset of, "I wish." I don't really wish for things, I work for things and do what needs to be done. I'll give you some examples of how I accomplish goals and then I move on. Let's start with publishing my books.

While it is a process to brainstorm, write chapters, develop story lines, write it, proofread and edit it, get it formatted, make a book cover, write a synopsis, put it for pre-order, market it, work for reviews and then finally publishing, there's a lot of tasks along the way. With each little thing that has to be done, each of those are a goal to attain. So when it's finally published, I'm working on marketing it to the masses because your work is never finished when you're an author and a writer.

The next example I'll use is being published in Writer's Life Magazine it was a great accomplishment and a goal I wanted to achieve. While everyone was happy for me and telling me to go out and celebrate, I didn't. It was just another goal that I accomplished for myself.

It's way easier for me to say I have goals than dreams, that's the reason why I always say at the end of my blogs, go accomplish your goals. I want you to be in a reality mindset to where anything you put your mind to can and will be done. It's all about intestinal fortitude, mental focus, ambition and not giving up no matter the obstacles or circumstances.

Always remember this is a journey and a grind.

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers


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