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Jamell Crouthers is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster who has taken on a journey of writing in the prime of his life. He has been writing poetry since the age of 13 but never thought he could utilize his talent to tell stories and write books. He is not the traditional author as he writes his books in poetry format with a focus on storylines and societal issues.

After publishing 14 books, his goals and plans are to continue writing books on taboo subjects that aren't discussed enough in today's world and bringing those main subjects to the forefront. Jamell's blogs tackle societal issues, how he writes his books, his journey as an author and some motivational blogs that will get you to focus on your goals. His goal and moniker is, "to change the world, one book at a time."

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Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Series

The Code Blue Series somehow became something bigger than me. The best way to describe it is looking at the world now and what’s going on, ...

Every once in a while, I talk to someone who really wants to know how my mind works. I was fortunate to be able to talk to a few people who ask me that one question, how do I get my book ideas? It's a process with how I get my book ideas, a lot of times it can be just thinking and brainstorming or it can be something that happens in the world. There are times where I'll have a conversation with someone about the world and then a light bulb goes off and then a book idea comes to mind.

If you don't know by now, there's a blue book that I carry with me everywhere I go. This book is where every idea, brainstorming session begins and ends and how I formulate chapters. Observation of the world, what has happened and what can potentially happen is how I get my book ideas. I'm not necessarily fixated on a specific societal issue. This gives me the flexibility to write about different subjects that I feel strongly about.

Let's take for an example Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun. The book idea was obviously a given because of what's been going on with police brutality against minorities and the senseless killings of unarmed black men. I didn't want to write a book sabotaging all police officers but still be able to discuss the real issues going on in America.

I decided to go down a route where I write it from a police officer's perspective while addressing all of the issues going on daily. The news will cover it whenever they feel like it but as you're reading this blog, chances are a police officer is mistreating a black man in this country as we speak. That's the realities of the world, the body cams don't mean a thing because these officers are still justified in their behavior no matter what.

I wanted to address whether good police officers who have good intentions do know who the bad ones are and what exactly are they doing about it. There's just no way you can be in a workplace and be that oblivious to what's going on in the department and in the streets of these cities everyday. So I had to hit head on what's going on with a good cop and how he handles all that is going on. I wrote it this way because chances are, there are thousands of good cops caught in this mixture of corruption and wrongdoings daily.

For me to have grown up in bad neighborhoods and seen cops do their share of wrongs but then also see good cops doing the right thing, I had to bring up the taboo subjects that go on in America. I'm basically a writer who punches people in their chests with my books, they're hard-hitting. I don't sugarcoat my writing and it's real and raw. A lot of people don't like the way I format my books and how I write it but I don't expect the whole world to like my writing and how I write my books.

I write this way because there are enough books and stories that have fairytale endings and everyone lives their happily ever after. The reality is, not many people have happily ever afters and get to live the life that they want. So that book idea that I came up with was bound to come up and I definitely do write books about the state of the world at the present time.

The biggest part of my books are these can be read now and in the future for sure. For me, it's the longevity game and impacting people now but also in the future. That's one of my books and how I developed my idea to writing it.

This is the first time I delved deep into how I think and sharing that with you. So I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, subscribe and get these blogs sent straight to your e-mail weekly. My books are available on my website for purchase directly from me or the major book retailers so take a look around. I am currently working on audiobooks that I'm recording myself so be on the lookout for those in the next few weeks. Also I am currently doing podcasts on societal issues, it's called The Aquarianmind Podcast so click and listen.

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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