The Start of My Podcasts

Start in January 2018, I will be doing podcasts weekly on societal issues and things going on in the world. My first episode will be on January 5th 2018 and they will be weekly episodes on Fridays. The goal is to discuss things more in a forum type of setting and to get people to think about what social issues affect them and how to go about bringing change. I also want to branch out to another

Some people are visual, which is why I have YouTube, but now it's time that I go to the audio aspect and using my voice to reach others. With all of the books that I've published so far, there will be plenty of topics to discuss and it will be a great opportunity for people to hear what I have to say.

I have a good year worth of content planned out and I will be writing more things as time goes on. My podcast will be on Podbean which is a downloadable app you can put on your technological device. My podcasts will also be on Apple iTunes where you can listen to them weekly.

I want to reach everyone with my vision which is to bring fort change in the world with all of the issues that are going on around us. So stay tuned to my first date where I will be publishing my podcast. Please subscribe to my blog where you will get new content weekly and follow me on all of my social media pages.

Don't forget you can subscribe to my blog and get new blog posts sent to your e-mail weekly and you can follow me on my social media pages (on the right side of the website)! Audiobooks coming soon for all of my books!

Be good and accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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