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Jamell Crouthers is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster who has taken on a journey of writing in the prime of his life. He has been writing poetry since the age of 13 but never thought he could utilize his talent to tell stories and write books. He is not the traditional author as he writes his books in poetry format with a focus on storylines and societal issues.

After publishing 14 books, his goals and plans are to continue writing books on taboo subjects that aren't discussed enough in today's world and bringing those main subjects to the forefront. Jamell's blogs tackle societal issues, how he writes his books, his journey as an author and some motivational blogs that will get you to focus on your goals. His goal and moniker is, "to change the world, one book at a time."

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Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Series

The Code Blue Series somehow became something bigger than me. The best way to describe it is looking at the world now and what’s going on, ...

A quote that was said to me by a former manager while working in retail. It didn't resonate with me right away until I fully thought of the meaning behind it. That's when the light bulb came on and it all made sense to me. Here's how I work smarter and not harder.

For starters, I'm never going to be the guy who works 18 hours a day, that's not reality for me (granted if anyone does it, more power to you). CEOs who run companies or business people who do it, if it makes you happy and you're good sleeping 6 hours a night, do it. That's just not my thing and it never will be.

As a writer, blogger, author, YouTuber, and every other thing you can think of, I spend time on things that are important to me. I stay ahead in my writing so there's always content to be shared. With this blog for an example, I'm always a good 5-6 blogs ahead and I write my content way ahead of time. I only post one blog a week to not overload people with content because eventually, you burn out and you run out of things to say.

While other people probably feel pressure to think of new things to say everyday, I really don't. I'd rather spread out my content over a long period of time than to overload people and then everyone gets tired of me. That's just my thoughts on that so just know that this blog was written weeks ago and you're just seeing it now.

Another example is my books. Most of my books are written months ahead of time and they're edited and proofread (they'll still have a few errors, I'm not perfect) at least 5 months before I publish them. I stay ahead of the curve so I can put my time into other projects (podcasts and recording my own audiobooks which are coming soon).

My blogs don't take long to write because I have a general idea of what I'm going to say and my thoughts just flow. This is how I work smarter and not harder to me. Everyone does things their own way and most people are willing to work 15-18 hours a day to accomplish their goals. I like sleep and resting my mind so I'm fresh and not flustered in what I'm doing.

For me, as a writer, I need sleep and plenty of it. Monday-Wednesday I sleep 6-7 hours on average. Wednesday-Sunday I can get 8-9 hours of sleep which is much needed because of my work schedule. So resting my body and my mind is crucial to my success in my writing journey.

The point is, do what work for you. Prioritize what's important, keep a notepad on your phone or a notebook with what you want to do, what needs to be done and the amount of time you're going to spend on it. That's how you knockout what needs to get done.

I write "to do" lists every week and that's how I'm able to get so much done in such a short amount of time. Believe it or not, I spend more time thinking and brainstorming what I'm going to do. Then I just write everything down and go from there. Monday-Thursday I spend about 2 hours a day doing something that's going to get me closer to where I want to be. Friday-Sunday I work a good 5-6 hours a day just doing things that are going to help me with accomplishing my goals. That's a good 8 hours a  week of quality work.

That consists of writing blogs, recording YouTube videos, engaging on social media, posting excerpts from my books, posting poetry on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, brainstorming and marketing, recording audio books, planning out content for my podcasts, developing my app (coming in the near future) and reading content on how to get better at my craft.

Please remember, do what works for you, not what others tell you. While some of the people I follow and listen to always say how many hours they work, it's something I will never feel comfortable doing and that's totally okay. Anytime spent working toward your goal, you're just one day closer.

My first podcast will be up and running on Friday on January 5th! Stay tuned! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog!

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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This is the only place I'm putting this up as not many people will know the full book publishing schedule of 2018. I have recently made some changes to the scheduling as I want to focus on the series of my books and not have readers hanging in the balance.

My goal is to continue to build my readership along with my author brand and the way to do that is to continually pump out great books, good content and keep the series of my books going.

February 28th-2 year anniversary of publishing books
Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 2: This book is definitely going to dig in deeper into the controversy of police departments in America. It will be a book that delves into the police force and the main character Gary. Gary has moved onto new cases with higher government organizations. If you haven't read the first book yet, believe me, you should go pick it up!

April 27th
The World In Ruins: I've gone back and forth on whether to release this book for the start of the year and I've made a final decision to publish it. With all that is going on in the world, it was only fitting that I release a book that I hold dear to me. This book will delve deep into the future of the world if we keep going down the destructive path that we are. This took me a few months to write this and it's only because I had to take time to do research, look at what's going on in the world right now what the potential of the world could be in the next 20-30 years.

June 22nd
America Divided: While I have been asked by a few people about writing America Under Mind Control Part 2, it was a consideration but I didn't want to sound repetitive in what I was trying to get across with my message. So with this book, it delves into the current state of America and the issues we are dealing with right now. These are societal issues that are making headlines daily and consistently so it will be a great book to read. You must have an open mind to reading this book, otherwise, it will honestly be just a waste of your time.

September 21st
The Struggles and Growth of a Man 3: Robert will see some personal growth in this book and will become the big brother he has always wanted to be to Michael. There will be a lot that Robert deals with and goes through but trials and tribulations can only make you stronger. The first two books are important to read in order to understand where Robert is in his life and his continued struggles to become the man he wants to be.

December 7th
The World We Live In: A Poetry Book on Societal Issues Part 4: The return of the 19 characters that you've all come to love, cry, and get emotional over. There will be a lot of questions about where most of these characters lives are heading. There will be a few surprises and the possibility of a different format to this book, you'll have to stay tuned and wait until the release.

Don't forget to subscribe to my blog, audiobooks for all of my books are coming soon and my podcasts begin in January 2018! Big things are coming next year! More books, more free content and some travel to book festivals around the country.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

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The behind the scenes work is the dark tunnel that you walk through. There may seem like there's no sign of light and sometimes you'll see glimpses of light but you're not at the end of the tunnel. You have to remember there's an ultimate goal and you can't stop until you achieve that.

Most people don't care about the behind the scenes work, but want to be there when you've achieved the bigger goal. Be careful with those people because they'll act like they care at the end of the tunnel. They weren't there when you were going through the grind process.

Liking what you post on social media doesn't count as supporting you. If they're reposting what you're posting, buying what you're selling or helping you promote your business/brand, then that's a totally different story (which most won't do at all).

No one understands the work that is done behind the scenes and it's because they're not doing it. When you achieve the ultimate goal, it all becomes easier because you've spent so much time working on your craft and preparing for that moment. Sometimes it's good not to publicize all that you're working on. Sometimes you have to keep quiet until certain things are ready to be released to the world.

I'm trying to bring back poetry and impact millions of people all over the world. There are 7 billion people in this world so anything is possible in today's age. So keep working at whatever you're doing, it takes time and it's an arduous process.

Not one soul knew of me or about me until age 33. I have been writing poetry for 20 years on and off. I've had an interesting relationship with my writing for the longest. Now, I know that this is what I'm meant to do in my life. Once you figure out your purpose in life, you'll work at it tirelessly until you can't no more.

Once you've invested months and years into it, quitting no longer becomes an option. Believe me, I'm just as tired as you, but I've already put a message out to the world that I'm going to publish 20 books by the end of 2020 so I have to live up to my word and live up to my own expectations.

So the behind the scenes work is hard, but appreciate every moment of it and don't stop. Eventually, the results show. I'm almost 2 years into this process and I know that 2018 will be the year where things are going to take off. I'm putting in the work now for it to be the year where everything takes off. I'm doing the work and I will be putting in the investments into it too.

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Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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Hey everyone, here are some book reviews from Reader's Favorite, these were people who selected my book to read and review. I appreciate them taking the time to read my book and I am forever grateful for the talent I'm blessed with to share with the world. This is the hard work and dedication to storytelling and getting my message out to the world about the societal issues that are going on around us.

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun by Jamell Crouthers is the story of a policeman who is dedicated to his job, but when he realizes that there are dishonorable cops, he wonders if he should take action against them or remain quiet. I say this is a story because the flow of these poems is so good that you cannot help but feel as if you are reading a story in a rhythm. The flow is that good and connected!

The poems are written in free form about a police officer named Gary who has a son named Gary Jr. The poems talk about how a faithful and honorable policeman discovers that his fellow officers are not as honorable as he would like to think. This is where his inner tussle begins - should he take action against these dishonorable policemen or should he just put his head down and go about his work. However, if he decides to do nothing about it, how can he live with this guilt?

I loved the fact that the poems talked about almost taboo subjects in a completely unhesitating way. The poems talk about social dilemmas that have plagued police departments all over the world. From racial discrimination to illegal activities, the poet handles everything with poise and expertise. The poems are eye opening and offer an insight into the mind of a conscientious police officer. He is not talking wrongly about anyone or bashing anyone; he is simply showing a side of a society that we know exists yet we are not ready to really talk about. A brilliant read!

Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite
Institutional racism is portrayed in the most repulsive manner possible in Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun by Jamell Crouthers. Written in the first-person narrative, the police officer had every good intention of living up to his ethical code of honor and protecting his community. However, he finds himself reporting to corrupt leaders and riding alongside cruel partners. Receiving orders to plant evidence, brutally beating informants, pulling over men from targeted neighborhoods – the list is long and painful. The dilemma he faces is whether to go along with the corruption which requires telling lies, or neglecting to mention certain facts in police reports, or exposing his commanders and colleagues, resulting in losing his steady paycheck, medical benefits and pension. These are realistic and pragmatic considerations in today’s world. These internal conflicts build over time, as he struggles with making these difficult decisions. The officer’s soul seems to die, bit by bit.

The style of writing in this book is quite unique. Using a poetic, narrative form, the author tells the story with seemingly small fragments of information. Yet, these phrases and thoughts are truly powerful, describing the police officer’s complicated struggles. Although detailed prose is not a part of this work, the reader can easily imagine the settings and the people in the narrator’s life. Author Jamell Crouthers has written a distinctive, one-of-a-kind book in Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun. The reader will be enlightened, and sometimes sickened, by the sobering events. This book is an unforgettable portrayal of the justice system. 

Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite
Code Blue (An Oath to the Badge and Gun) by Jamell Crouthers is a general poetry book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who are interested in reading stories about police corruption. The story follows a police officer that has been on the force for a couple years and has felt proud of how he has protected and served the community. However, his feelings of pride quickly turn to disgust as he begins to learn that his precinct is corrupt when police bulletins begin ordering police officers to act immorally and illegally against racial minorities, drug dealers, and other bystanders. The officer is faced with the hardest decision of his career. Does he too become corrupt or will he risk it all to do the right thing?

Code Blue (An Oath to the Badge and Gun) by Jamell Crouthers is a well written book with a high level of emotional impact. The author not only touched on many different types of corruption, but he also demonstrated the way that the police officers themselves can feel in such situations. I never realized how the officers could feel if they were being pressured to be corrupt or the amount of peer pressure involved. The style of writing was well chosen as it kept each case focused on the important factors without giving unnecessary details; instead of wasting time with character names, the author just provided the details of each character that were vital to each case. Overall, I walked away from this book feeling emotionally drained and with a new understanding of the ways in which corruption can take hold.

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Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

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Start in January 2018, I will be doing podcasts weekly on societal issues and things going on in the world. My first episode will be on January 5th 2018 and they will be weekly episodes on Fridays. The goal is to discuss things more in a forum type of setting and to get people to think about what social issues affect them and how to go about bringing change. I also want to branch out to another audience...audio.

Some people are visual, which is why I have YouTube, but now it's time that I go to the audio aspect and using my voice to reach others. With all of the books that I've published so far, there will be plenty of topics to discuss and it will be a great opportunity for people to hear what I have to say.

I have a good year worth of content planned out and I will be writing more things as time goes on. My podcast will be on Podbean which is a downloadable app you can put on your technological device. My podcasts will also be on Apple iTunes where you can listen to them weekly.

I want to reach everyone with my vision which is to bring fort change in the world with all of the issues that are going on around us. So stay tuned to my first date where I will be publishing my podcast. Please subscribe to my blog where you will get new content weekly and follow me on all of my social media pages.

Don't forget you can subscribe to my blog and get new blog posts sent to your e-mail weekly and you can follow me on my social media pages (on the right side of the website)! Audiobooks coming soon for all of my books!

Be good and accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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The #1 reason why I'll always have goals...I can never be complacent. If you haven't read my previous blog about me wanting to publish 20 books by the end of 2020, you should back track and read it. That's a big goal for me and by the end of this year, I will have published seven. In 2018 and 2019, I plan on publishing 5 books each year. By the end of 2019, that'll be 17 books which means that by the summer of 2020, I will have published 20 books.

Yes, that is unprecedented and very rarely is done but let's just say I always have content to share and to be written. Once, I accomplish a goal, I move on. There's no time for me to sit around and goof off. There's no time to celebrate and go out and have fun. There's people I need to reach, an audience to cater to, millions of people that don't even know I exist and that I write.

I'm competitive as hell and I want to win at this. I'm an athlete so those competitive juices kick in, in my mind and then I know I have to get to work. Taking days off is rare and when I do, it's never longer than 2 days. Even when I do that, I feel guilty for doing it and it's because I've been working at this for a while so it's weird to take time off.

I'll always have goals because there's always a new idea or concept for a book or a poem that I can write that'll resonate in someone's mind. My mind never stops chugging away like a well oiled machine. I don't think my mind will ever stop chugging away and if it did, I wouldn't know what to do.

Even though I strive for peace of mind, just maybe my mind needs to be a little chaotic sometimes in order for me to write the content that I do. Maybe your mind works like mine, and that's a great thing, keep plugging away.

You should always have goals and keep striving to get better at whatever you're good at. What you're passionate about should always be your motivation daily. Some days you're not going to have it, that's just part of who we are, but if you have goals to accomplish, you'll always keep going.

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Be good and accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers

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