Societal Issues That Plague Us

While I discuss a lot of societal issues in my poetry and in my books, there are so many things that we as people need to talk about more and bring to the forefront. It's no longer about talking to our family members about things, it needs to be discussed amongst our peers so we can better understand each other and make changes to the world.

The Struggles and Growth of a Man is a book about a man who struggles with what the world tells him and what his truth really is. While there is a Part 2 coming later on in the year, the focus is to make people understand that men struggle, we need help, we need guidance, we need to emote, feel and express ourselves. We need people to stop letting the world/society brainwash us into thinking men have to be tough and strong all of the time. That's detrimental to our mindsets and it keeps us from growing and learning from our mistakes.

The World We Live In Parts 1 and 2 is a series of 5 books that I'll be publishing about societal issues that plague us every single day. Rape, domestic violence, pedophilia, alcoholism, PTSD, body image, drug addiction, gambling addiction, bullying, sexuality, and many other issues that I address in these books. These characters bring out all of the emotions and feelings that you can relate to. There is at least 1 character out of the 19, I write in this book where you will feel something and relate to them.

America Under Mind Control is a book that addresses issues in America that we don't even realize go on amongst us everyday. We are controlled mentally on an everyday basis and we as a nation and country have to do better in getting control of our lives again, holding the government and other evil people in this country accountable for their actions.

With all of that said, there are societal issues that if we don't take the time to tackle them head on, this world is heading into a place of hell where there will be no turning back at that point. Let's do all that we can to make this world a better place to live in, not only for us, but for the future behind us.

Be good and follow your dreams

Jamell Crouthers

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