How I Write My Books

The question I seem to get asked the most is how I write my books. For me to have published 3 books in one year is a big feat but it's not as easy as you think. So it's time for me to breakdown how I write my books and the process. The biggest part for me is to be comfortable, in a clear mindset and music is the biggest component to my writing.

After spending a good amount of time brainstorming my ideas and writing down every possible idea I'd want to put in my book, then comes the part of sitting down to write the story. Most days I can write a good 2-3 chapters without any breaks (that's when I'm really focused and want to get things done). Other days I'll write 1-2 chapters and then brainstorm how I will write my next few chapters. A lot of times I'll re-read stuff and go back and edit or change what I wrote to get more impact on what I'm trying to say.

As far as the music goes, I mostly listen to ambient or electronic music which is relaxing and allows the ideas to flow onto paper. I have numerous pairs of Bose headphones so it depends on whether I want to drown out any noise and distractions or just listen to my earplugs. Most of the artists I listen to are Joey Fehrenbach, Kodomo, and Mokhov (if you don't know who they are, definitely check them out). The melodic beats and flow to their songs get me in a zone and allow me to write fluently without any writer's block.

I have a Google Chromebook that I use to write all of my books and I carry my iPad just in case I have an idea or need to get something down while I'm on the go. My Google Chromebook is the greatest thing for me because the operating system is built into it and if it needs to update, it's an easy 2 clicks of restarting the computer and I'm done. I don't have to worry about buying Microsoft Office, buying anti-virus software for Microsoft products. For me, Google Chromebooks or Apple MacBooks get the job done so if you're looking for a good laptop to write and be able to save your stuff, those are two of your best bets. My Google Drive saves everything for me and I have a flash drive as a backup.

It's all a process for me especially since I'm writing my books in poetry format. It's not the traditional pickup a book and read it so I have to make sure I emote everything and tell a story that is engaging and keeps the reader. The traditional book can start off slow but for me I have characters that I need to get the reader engaged in from the minute they start reading so it's a different process for me.

The biggest part for me is I enjoy the process of writing my books and with me having so many more book ideas and projects, I look forward to sharing more books in the near future. The marketing part is the hardest part for me as I'm trying to find different ways to do it but that's for another blog and another time. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Be good and follow your dreams!

Jamell Crouthers


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