Societal Issues

There's always the question of why societal issues are never discussed. Are we afraid of speaking about it because it's taboo? Or maybe it's because we don't want to offend anyone. I wouldn't know but too many times we see things go on in front of us or on the news and nothing is done about it.

There are groups of people who do all that they can but there needs to be more people doing more things. Why don't people have more compassion for others in the world? It seems like nothing bothers us until it hits close to home, then we seem to react to things. It seems like it takes a tragic event to make us react to things and what's going on in our environments. 

This is why I wrote this current book which you see below. I watch and observe the world daily and I wrote a few chapters of stories that happen to people and hopefully it opens people's eyes to how much is going on around us and all of the time.

It's time we start discussing societal issues, why they happen and why we deal with them on a daily basis. You can find this book on Amazon and also on Barnes & Nobles. You can read insight on my author profile page which is on this blog. The letter B in white is where you can click onto and read excerpts from chapters of my book along with insight. Hopefully we can start discussing societal issues more and doing what we can to make the world better.

Be good and follow your dreams.


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