A Man's Struggles

Life is hard and it's a tough road. There's an understanding that, we all go through experiences to learn things and grow from those experiences. Through it all, we struggle, go through trials and tribulations to get to where we are supposed to be. So why is it that society has trained our minds to look at men as weak because we go through struggles in life?

It's one of those catch 22s where a man has to be manly and show his bravado rather than express and show emotion. Women wonder why we as men struggle to express our feelings, be open and be vulnerable. It's because society has ingrained into our minds to be strong, hold your emotions and feelings in, crying is for punks (which we are told from the minute we are able to walk on our own as babies). When we fall as kids, our parents told us stop crying, even though we are hurting and feeling some pain. We never take into account how the things we are told as young children come back to haunt us when we become adults.

Don't get me wrong, no one wants to be looked at as a punk or a soft person, that hurts us internally but we should be allowed to express our feelings openly without being judged. We as men are caught in a conundrum where we should express ourselves more but not too much. We can cry but not too much because then we're too sensitive. We should be vulnerable and open but not too open and honest with every single thought in our heads. So we struggle to be ourselves based on who we are dealing with, how people will think and perceive us and whether we will be judged.

Nothing is more important to a man than how he is perceived in this world. It's a pride and ego thing with us, we just can't help it. I wrote my first book to shine some light on the fact that we as men struggle and we bottle up a lot of our emotions, thoughts and feelings to ourselves. Sometimes we do need comfort, a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back, to be commended and appreciated, we just aren't going to come out and say it (granted we should be able to).

Let's start being more talkative to the men in the world (whether you're a man or a woman). Let's start listening more and being there for each other.

Be good everyone!


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