My Competitive Edge

I’ve been writing books for a while now and I’m not where I want to be yet. Most people after a year of working toward a goal will give up. It will be because they’re not getting the results they want or expected. People tend to go back to mediocrity and not working toward their goals. What about me? Oh I’m too competitive to just walk away from this writing.

The competitive edge comes from being an athlete, that’s the main reason I haven’t walked away. I’ve been athletic since I was a kid and I wanted to win at EVERYTHING. I mean every single thing. Basketball, football, bike riding, ice skating, rollerblading, racing, video games, I...HAVE...TO...WIN. Which is why after writing 11 books, I’m not done yet. I’m not even bothered or phased that I haven’t been noticed for my writing.

There’s a drive inside of me, I’m fueled by success and knowing that I’m going to do great with this. Also because I have another 25 books planned out so stopping now will do me no good. Yes, your heard right, I have 25 more books planned out to write on societal issues. 

Imagine being so competitive, you’re not competing again anyone specifically, you’re competing with yourself. It’s getting better at my craft, writing small poems about life, situations, experiences, anything. When it comes to books, its tackling societal issues that are going on around us. There are so many things going on around us there’s always a story to tell. 

I always say compete with yourself and no one else. When you compete with yourself, you push yourself to be better at what you’re good at and passionate about. I honestly don’t worry about other authors, writers, podcasters or poets and what they’re doing. It takes away from what I can be doing. 

At the end of the day, everything I do is to impact someone in some way. Every decision that is made is done by me. The podcast episode, the scripts for it, the content I write about (books and short poetry), the book covers, the sizing of the book, the synopsis, the blog content, posts on social media, YouTube content, every single thing falls on me. The greatest part about it....I wouldn’t have it no other way.

My books are here on the website and my podcast is The Aquarianmind Podcast where I discuss societal issues going on in today's world. 

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers


Writing Books Isn’t Easy

Writing a book is in no way, shape or form easy. Just because I finish my books at such a fast pace, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a large amount of work done to get it finished. There are hours of work that is put in before I even get to a place where I'm going to write the book.

Crafting a story line that no one else has written is hard enough as it is. Then to write it to where the reader is going to remember your story is even harder. Writing books isn’t easy, especially in today’s world. There are a plethora of distractions, social media, television, the internet, family, friends, and a bunch of other things.

It starts with an idea, then how many characters, how you’re writing it, developing a story line, a backstory to the character(s), chapters, then writing the book (which can take long depending on how many chapters) and then you’re finished. Well, not quite, then it’s proofreading/editing it, then formatting the book, making a book cover, and getting it to the internet and then you’re done (or so you think).

Once you get it onto the website(s), depending on how many bookstores you want your book to be distributed to, setting a price point, writing a synopsis, putting it in the right categories on the bookstore websites and setting yourself up for success. Next comes promotion, marketing in places where your book will end up among the millions of people trying to get their book noticed.

It’s finding where the readers are but also trying to get reviews (all of your family and friends aren’t going to help you) so it’s finding reputable places to help you get that. The internet is cluttered full of websites that apparently will help you to get your book noticed and the reality is they won’t.

Depending on what you write about, it’s going to be hard in the beginning to get book reviews and to get your books noticed. So anyone who thinks or says that books are easy to write, it isn’t in any way, shape or form. It’s hard work and once your book is published, it doesn’t end. It never ends. And the more books you write, the more marketing you have to do in finding different ways to reach readers.

If you fall into what’s trendy with writing, you’ll soon realize it’s not worth it. This is why I write in a different format and I address societal issues (something that can be noticed). I write in poetry prose format because it works for me and it helps me to stand out from the pack. 

Bookbub, Amazon Ads and all of the big websites are what’s trending right now. Everyone is doing it and you have to think your book is going to be one in the millions of other books in the same genre that’s being marketed to readers. But then there’s also my subject matter where not as many read or you’re told that your form of writing doesn’t sell or won’t sell. It’s what is commonly said but that’s noise pollution to me. 

It doesn't mean I'm not going to go down the road of doing Bookbub and Amazon ads because I will, I just feel I have to explore other things before I do these things. Whatever you choose to do, just do the studying of how ads are done and try different things. I will be utilizing Dragon Realm Press to do my Bookbub and Amazon ads as they provide this series. This will allow me to focus on other projects that I'm currently working on.

No one talks about virtual book tours which is being featured on blogger’s websites with your book. I will be delving into that arena very soon and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get my books noticed in that area. 

With all that I've shared, if you're an author or even someone who is working on a new business, explore all of the avenues you can. Some things may work and some won't but until you do everything, you can't say something didn't work.

The title of this blog pretty much tells you that all of this is hard work and it's non-stop, always remember that. 

My books are on this website and my podcast The Aquarianmind Podcast is available for listening. I discuss societal issues that are going on in the world today.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Why Aren't We Discussing Societal Issues Daily?

There's a lot going on in this world everyday but I start to question if we are discussing things on a daily basis. There are a lot of societal issues that we face and it's not just about posting it on social media, getting a few likes, a few comments and then the discussion ends. We seem to discuss whatever is going on in the world among our peers, family and friends and that's it.

We're not going out of our way to impact people in society, that's our biggest problem. We're selfish human beings in our own way, we expect people to do for us but not for them a lot of times. We give when we want to, not consistently and regularly. There's homelessness, veterans without jobs, violence, domestic violence, women's issues, pedophilia, child abuse, drug and alcohol addictions and so many more things that we don't concern ourselves with everyday.

We seem to pick and choose when we want to care and that's not always a good thing. We should be caring regularly and way more. Our communities need everyone to be all in, not when it's convenient or when something goes wrong and we feel strongly about an issue. We wait until the news reports it for us to care just a little bit more. Then two weeks later, the story lines fade into oblivion until it happens again and the vicious cycle of caring, anger, frustration and many other emotions comes into play (gun control, a prime example of this).

It's like we're waiting on one person to be a leader and then we all follow with what they do. Meanwhile we can all be leaders in our own way and do way more. If we all decided to be leaders and start a revolution, then things can change. We sit and depend on celebrities and athletes to be our saviors when they're not going to. Everyone cares about something out of all of the societal issues I mentioned.

Let's start doing more than just posting on social media pages expressing our frustrations and get out into the world and take actions. The problem is the world keeps you engulfed and "too busy," for you to go out there and make an impact. Words don't mean much when we aren't doing the real work to make this world a better place.

My books on societal issues are on the website and my podcast The Aquarianmind Podcast where I discuss a plethora of issues that are going on in the world today.

My new book "The World In Ruins: A Travel Into The Future" is available now in all major bookstores!

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

The Moment You Become Successful

I know what you're thinking, you become successful when you accomplish all of your goals and achieve this status of being great at your talent. It's when you become financially wealthy and you're in endless bliss of happiness. Well...not exactly...let me tell you the moment you become successful. This is going to make sense, trust me.

You become successful the moment you decide to pursue your goals and you start working toward them diligently every single day. It's the hard work, the grind, the behind the scenes moments that no one sees, the stuff you don't post on social media. You know like this blog I'm writing right now 11:30 at night on a hot summer Friday night while most of your family and friends are out somewhere enjoying the weather.

That's when you become successful and it's the truth. It's when you start sacrificing hangin' out with friends to get work done. When you miss family events, BBQs, baby showers, weddings and get togethers because you're thinking about the bigger goal, and knowing that all that you're doing is going to pay off.

You can't enjoy the fruits of your labor in the end when you've accomplished the big goal. All of the smaller goals have to be celebrated too, just taking a moment to appreciate all of the hard work you've done. I am guilty of not celebrating the small goals but part of it is because I've been blogging, writing, and recording for 2 1/2 years so everything becomes routine for me.

Take time to embrace the journey a little bit and know that you're already successful. Along with that, if you don't give up and you become relentless in this process, you are really successful because a large percentage of people give up after 3 months on average. They give up because they aren't getting the results they feel and they don't understand it's a grind and patience is the ultimate part of the whole process.

Remember, if you're working toward your goals daily, you're already successful.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers