Do You Have The Mental Drive To Succeed?

Dream. Drive. Determination. Dedication.

The four D's that I live by everyday. And also the thought of sitting at a desk for another 30 years before I can retire and hopefully live comfortably, pray I have my health and hopefully live longer than 10 years. Yes, this goes on in my head. Every. Single. Day. That's why I live my life like everyday is going to be my last.

So I ask you the question, do you have the mental drive to succeed? My answer to about 98% of you...NOPE. I'll tell you why.

1. You constantly make excuses as to why you're not working toward your goals.
2. You think you don't have enough time in your day to do things (in reality you do, you don't realize how much time you bullshit in your day).
3. You're not focused enough to buckle down and get work done (you'd rather sit on your ass and do nothing or be out with your friends).
4. You're not willing to sacrifice certain things to accomplish your goals (going out with family and friends, social media, binge watching television shows, playing games, whatever you choose to do in your spare time).
5. You're not willing to lose sleep sometimes to get things done (you'd rather sleep in or go to bed early instead of staying up that extra hour).

Those are my top 5 reasons why you don't have the mental drive to succeed. For me, it's either you have it or you don't. There are no grey areas when it comes to working toward something bigger than you. If your goals don't scare you, you might want to make bigger goals.

Life is a mental game, once you realize that and understand that, you'll go a long way. No you're not going to wake up everyday motivated, inspired, determined and mentally strong, that's not something expected of you all of the time. But what you can have is the drive to get something done in your day that will benefit you in the future.

So what is your mental drive? It's time to think about that and figure that out.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers


The World In Ruins-New Book Release September 7th!

This book has been a long time coming and I was trying to hold off on this book for a few months but I feel it's time I release this book. This book has gone through a few edits, re-writes and I'm finally able to say I will be publishing this book on September 7th! I actually wrote the book in 2017 and I have been pushing it back because of other projects I wanted to push out to everyone.

I've also gone through a few book covers that I made myself and I finally decided to go with this one. Sometimes book covers don't fit the vision and I needed to be able to encapsulate exactly what this book should be. Honestly, this was a book planned for 2019 but with the way the world is right now, I needed to finally let this book be on the forefront of my collection I've published so far.

The World In Ruins: A Travel Into the Future is about a young teen named Derek who has a dream about the world being in complete ruins decades into the future. He chronicles this journey after this dream/nightmare and he goes back and forth between what he's seeing in the future and also saying what the cause of it is in our current state of the world. It's definitely a different book as it's written in poetry prose format and it's from his perspective.

It's very rare that a book has one character but this book does and it allows you to get to know Derek, what he thinks, feels and how concerned he is about what's going on in the world currently. While this is a fictional, poetic diary of current events, I felt this book was important to write and let people know what the world could potentially be in the near future if we don't do our due diligence.

While I didn't hit on everything, I wanted to make sure I had a character in place and to touch on the major things that are going on right now. Hopefully this book has an impact on readers and makes us realize that we have to start doing way more than just living life as if everything is fine or that other people will do their part. If we all come together as a human race and put so many things aside (race, religion, social status, financial status), we can have a huge impact on what happens to the world.

The book will be available on September 7th, I hope you will be one of many people to buy this book and read it! My book will be available on all major store platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and Scribd).

Here's the link: Amazon Pre-Order Link

Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers

Your Time Management Skills Suck

When you want to accomplish your goals in life, you’re going to do anything and everything you can to get it done. It’s so tiring hearing people’s concocted excuses as to why they can’t get goals accomplished. There’s nothing worse than coming up with reasons why you can’t get things done.

I spend so much time talking to people about their lives and what they want to do but they aren’t doing it. I constant hear they don’t have enough time in the day. To me that basically means, your time management skills suck. I can’t breakdown every aspect of their day and how many hours they waste doing irrelevant things. 

Every moment of your day you can make count. If you’re a morning person, you can wake up an hour early and get things done (even before your kids wake up if you have kids). If you’re not a morning person, that’s fine (because I’m not in anyway) but you can get something done on your breaks at work, your lunch break and after work when you get home. 

Spending time watching TV shows, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime TV, Apple TV? Yeah me too, what a coincidence and somehow I still get plenty of work done so nice try in the excuses department. I watch a good 12 TV shows plus watch Netflix and still make time to go play basketball and go running by the way. It all boils down to time management, it's that simple.

The biggest problem is lack of motivation, unnecessary stress, you’re comfortable with a life of mediocrity, you aren’t willing to sacrifice certain aspects of your life, and the reality is, I can tell if you have the drive to succeed. If you can’t manage your time correctly, you don’t have the drive and determination, you’re basically fucked. That's just me being brutally honest because unfortunately, I don't sugarcoat anything. I don't do it because I used to be the way everyone else was until I started holding myself accountable for my lazy ways.

If you need someone to motivate you all of the time, you will not succeed. You have to want it more than anything in the world. Too many people in this world waste their talents and abilities to live a life of mediocrity where you’re told when to come to work, when to go on break and be restricted to a certain amount of days you can take off a year all so you can make a company and CEO richer to retire with barely anything to survive on and barely any medical coverage to take care of yourself. See where I’m going with this? Well, hopefully you see it because mediocrity is the name of the game for the wealthy, not the rich, be mindful of that. 

So take the time to think about how much time you waste doing pointless things. Then get focused on what you should be doing instead of complaining about how your life is so busy or you're so tired. Yes you have enough time, yes you can do whatever you want, you just let certain things and situations control your life. 

When you decide to take control your life, you’ll see a huge difference.

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers


My Failures and Risks

I'm going to start this blog off by saying that I've had plenty of failures and have taken some risks on this writing journey. Honestly, I wouldn't change much and it's only because I would not have learned all that I have. The failures have allowed me to fall on my ass, get up, dust myself off and learn a valuable lesson.

When I first started writing, I made my books too big (8 X 11) which is the size of a a children's book and I didn't have a great person who formatted books. I had someone who told me to make my books smaller to (6 X 9) and I was able to do that by finding someone who formatted books to that size. He did such an amazing job, I have paid him to format all of my books that I've published.

My book covers weren't that good and I had to step up my game so I was able to find someone on Fiverr who made some great book covers for me. Half of my books published so far have been done by her and she lives half way around the world in Indonesia. So yes the internet and technology has helped us to connect with others anywhere in the world.

In regards to investments, I have made a few bad ones, nothing too catastrophic but enough to make me rethink what I'm spending my money and time on. It's taken me 2 years to find legitimate websites and places to make book covers, make 3D book covers, marketing, promotions, formatting your book, publishing your book to multiple bookstores and so many more things. The greatest part about all of this is I'm still learning new things, new platforms and ways to grow my author brand.

Here's what I want you to know throughout your journey, you will fail. People will doubt you, people won't support you, people won't understand your vision. The sacrifices you make, people won't understand and the ones that do want to see you succeed. The biggest supporters will be the closest people to you and strangers (believe it or not). You will either let your failures make you stronger or you will fold, it's one way or the other.

There are risks and certain investments you'll have to make and it will either work out or it won't. That's part of the journey and how things go. Building relationships with others will help along the way and you can share things that work and don't work. I've met authors who have spent thousands of dollars on things and it didn't work out for them (thankfully I never did that).

Taking a risk on one or two things every once in a while, it is beneficial to see what the results will be. You'll definitely know what you want to take a risk on, and sometimes you just have to do for it. Overthinking will cause you to be indecisive and then you won't do it. Don't be afraid of what will happen and the end result. It will only cause unnecessary stress and you have to keep your mind clear. Uncertainty brings a cluttered mind and chaos, believe me I've been through it and still go through it to this day.

Enjoy and embrace the journey and know that the failures will only make you better. Your failures mean that you're getting closer to the end goal.

Be good and go accomplish your goals!

Jamell Crouthers