The Bestseller Status Goal

I’ve spent countless hours listening to webinars and getting emails about getting to bestseller status as an author. While it is an attainable goal (it doesn’t take much to get there), I honestly don’t care for it. It’s something you can attach to your book, it’s an accolade I never thought about. 
I’m surely never going to be the guy who will change my book cover for it to say “New York Times Bestseller,” or any other bestseller status. I listened to a webinar a few weeks ago in hopes that I’d be taught something on how to get my books noticed and reach a bigger audience. Let’s just say I didn’t learn a thing and he spent over an hour talking about his company and how he got hundreds of authors to bestseller status. In between that, there was interaction in the chat box while he took sips of whatever was in his mug (water or coffee, who knows).

Let’s just say his goal was to get a few of us to invest thousands of dollars into his company to get your book formatted, discussing your book, table of contents, book cover, promoting it and getting media appearances. See, here’s the thing with me that you’ll learn real quick. I’m a control freak, which is one of many reasons I don’t want a book deal. 

I’m the guy who will do things his way and not the way it should be. I follow certain guidelines and rules in growing my brand but I won’t be allowing any company to tell me how to write my books, table of contents and making a book cover that I may not like. It’s my talent, my writing, my thoughts, my vision, there’s no getting around it. People loveeeee to make money off of you by saying, oh this will work, or oh do this and I’m guaranteeing you you’ll see results. If it doesn’t fit your vision, I won’t bother doing it. I also have people who make my book covers and format my books at a reasonable price.

The next aspect of this is, the average author who is starting out doesn’t have 7-10k to hand to a company to just make ONE book a bestseller. I have 8 books, for that much money, you should be making ALL of my books bestsellers. On top of that, if you’re a million dollar company, and you’re showing us hundreds of people who are interested in getting their books to bestseller status, then why are you charging people nearly 25k to get their books to bestseller status? (The 7-10k was his deal that he was preaching during the webinar). I guess to each it’s own, just questioning certain things.

The reality for me is I’m thinking of the long game, the longevity of this, not some bestseller status to boost my ego. The average person who invested in the company will publish 2-3 books and that’ll be it. I’ve published eight in 2 years so that’s why I could careless about one bestselling book. To me, bestselling status by investing thousands is only to boost your ego and say, “hey look at me.”

I’m not in this for fame (unfortunately it’s going to happen), I’ve told this to my closest friends and family and they know why I do it. I want to write the rest of my life and live comfortably. My mom needs to be retired in the next 4 years, that’s my reality. I want to impact millions of people and help them in their life journey. 

People who want to be authors, I want to give them insight and avenues to go down. So this bestseller status, people can have it, I don’t need it. Whenever I get there, people will be more happier than I will be. I won’t be celebrating, in my mind I’ll be thinking of the next project to work on (writing, recording, marketing, promoting, blogging), that’s what my journey will consist of. I never get too high or too low, I’m always in the middle. 

In hindsight, there are too many, “gurus” who want hundreds to thousands of dollars out of people’s pockets when most of the information they’re providing you is on the internet for free. There are also companies who will help you all while not trying to break your pockets. There are people who are willing to help you on your journey without making you go broke. 

It’s totally okay to go the longevity route to get to where you want to be. It’s okay to not invest thousands of dollars into one company and utilize that money into the long haul of it. With 7-10k, that’s the next 20 books I’ll write and market. That’ll be formatting, book covers (unless I make some myself), promoting, book festivals, traveling and doing it the way I see fit. 

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t invest into a company who has notoriety and has accomplished goals in the book publishing industry. If you have the money to do it, go for it. If you don’t, just know that it’s a good thing. You get to embrace the journey a little longer and get to where you want to be.

Be good and go accomplish your goals.

Jamell Crouthers


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