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The Hardest Part About Being An Author

There are always challenges with being an author, that's the truth. While I write content at a fast pace, it's because I have the time to do it. I make sure that I make everyday count no matter what because there's no guarantee I'll see tomorrow. But...there are the struggles that I deal with and go through as an author.

While I have been blessed with a talent to write and story tell, it's hard work and a mental battle. A lot of days I'm mentally tired and drained. I go through depressive periods most days because of there being no results for all of the hard work I've put into writing my books. I go through these phases of whether I want to walk away from it and do something else.

This is about building a brand, an audience and it's not easy when you're 2 years into this and nothing has really come of it. There's the question of how much money do I keep investing into this? How much more time do I keep investing? Is this all going to be worth …

Police Brutality In America

Police brutality has been an ongoing issue in American society for decades, this isn't just an all of a sudden occurrence that just started happening. It's an unfortunate reality and it seems like this major issue isn't going away anytime soon. People are thinking at this point that the police force is a gang that is only out to protect themselves and not the citizens of America.

There is an oath that's taken when police officers are sworn into the force and it seems like some follow it but not all. Unarmed black men are being killed at an alarming rate and most of it isn't covered on the news. When it is covered on the news, it only causes anger and nothing changes. It's a vicious cycle of abuse of power, neglect and treating people inhumanely. 
With all that is going on, I felt it was time for me to write a book about police brutality. I decided to write a book from a police officer's perspective, not necessarily a citizen's perspective. Everyone has…

Gun Control In America

This has been the biggest issue that's been going on lately, gun control. What can be done about it, how do we get control of it and how do we keep guns out of the hands of people who have the potential to commit malicious crimes? There's no clear cut answer but the reality is, we have a gun control issue legally and illegally. The thing is there's the constant discussion of gun control laws and the registration process. Yes, I get it, there has to be more done in regards to that so let's delve into this first.

The school shootings are crazy, sad, unfortunate and it seems like there is nowhere that is safe anymore. Schools, nightclubs, airports, movie theaters, concerts, it's a constant part of looking over your shoulder to make sure nothing bad is going to happen. The recent school shootings goes to show that gun control laws do need to be revised and that we need to be looking deeper into what's going on with these constant mass shootings.

The growing concer…

I Need Sleep To Succeed

I don't fall for the work and get no sleep ordeal, that'll never happen in my lifetime. For people who made it and grinded through not getting any sleep, great, more power to you. Like I've said in a previous blog post, I won't ever work 18 hours a day, I tend to plan my days through knowing certain tasks will be worked on and others will be worked on another day.

It's different for me because I'm an entrepreneur but then I'm not in some ways. CEOs of companies, most of them have to work long days. For me, I can work on certain projects a few hours a day and then spend my time thinking and observing the world to get new ideas. I definitely need sleep to succeed and do well in what I do.

When I get sleep, I write better (which is why I don't write much when I don't get enough sleep). In all honesty, my books are written on a good eight hours of sleep bare minimum. My mental focus is there and my content is valuable when I get a good amount of sleep.