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Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 2-Releases on Feb 28th!

This Wednesday makes two years I've been publishing books. On Wednesday, I will be publishing Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 2. This is one of my favorite books to write and it focuses on a police officer on the force named Gary. He gets caught up in the corruption, lies and deceit of being in a police department that don't abide by the oath they took to the community.

The realities of the world today is there is always the question of whether good cops know who the bad ones are. There's the question of whether good cops are naive to the atrocities that go on within their police department and what goes on outside in the world. There was a purpose in me writing this book and broadening people's minds into what goes on in the world of a police officer.

While these books that I write are fictional, the issues that are discussed deal with racism, corruption, prejudicial issues and many other things. The focus should be on the relationship between the police …

If You Don't Love It, Don't Do It

Too many times, people tend to do things for the quick money and to have a good payday. Most people don't have a passion for what they're doing. If you're not passionate at what you do, you shouldn't really be doing it. Eventually it all comes back to get you and you lose out on what you're really meant to do in your life.

It's perfectly okay to be passionate about different things, it's just a matter of what things are you going to put your heart into daily. It's what are you putting 100% into every single day. I'm passionate about plenty of things but over the past few years, I've weeded out what I don't want to do and have put my focus and energy into writing.

It's hard to give anyone sound advice on how to find your passion and what you love. The reason why is I was once passionate about being a basketball analyst for the NBA and be on television. Then I was passionate about the retail trends, I loved television production and the b…

It's Never A Straight Line To Accomplish Your Goals

The title of this blog explains itself, it's never a straight line to accomplish your goals. When you start the process of doing something, you will automatically think that it's going to be smooth sailing and you'll get things done. Then....reality hits you square in your chest and you realize, it's going to be tougher than you thought.

While I do a lot of work and get a lot accomplished, it doesn't mean that I'm filled with distractions on a daily basis. The lines always get squiggly somewhere a long the way. Those squiggly lines will consist of various distractions in your life. Work, friends, family, kids (I don't have any yet), events, errands, chores, household duties, bills, and plenty of other things. The point is, there has to be a point in your mind where you say to yourself, "I have to get things done and I have to organize myself."

Organizing yourself means doing what has to be done in your day and figuring out the best time for you t…

Embracing My Own Journey

I don't sit and read many books on entrepreneurship and "how to" books for numerous reasons. For one I'm an author and reaching an audience is hard enough as it is. Getting someone's attention these days takes serious dedication. With the distractions that are around us daily, sometimes even a book cover isn't going to get someone's attention.

For me, reading books would take time away from learning things on my own. I've learned a lot along with the way within the short time frame that I have been publishing books. It takes a lot of different strategies, thought process and marketing yourself to readers and people who are truly interested in your book(s).

By the time I sit and read a book on what someone else did, I could've learned 3-5 things on my own that I can apply to what I'm doing. The reality is, I'm in a genre where no one wants to read it because of the stigmas and thoughts of it...poetry. My books are different than others and…