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Conversations With My Doctor (Follow Your Passion)

Every year, I go for a daily checkup at my doctor's office and we always have engaging conversations. She always asks me how my life is going, if I'm stressed, depressed, things I'm dealing with and going through. She truly cares about her patients and takes time to ask about their lives and what goals they have.

We talked about what I'm currently doing which is my books, blogging, and growing my author brand. She always knew how passionate I was about sports and how I wanted to make it in that arena. I showed her one of my books and gave her my business card. She was so happy for me and she said she's happy that I'm doing what I love. She heard the passion in my voice and how I was talking about my books, she knew that this was going to be my future.

Our conversation transitioned into talking about her other patients, some who are younger than me and she had conversations with them about their lives and what they want to do. She told me that most of them are …

45 Interview Questions With Jamell Crouthers

Recently, I did an interview with a book website but instead of posting the link to the website, I figured why not share it. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about me as a person, writer and author. I hope you enjoy reading!

When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer?
It never dawned upon me, I’ve been writing poetry since I was 13 years old. It just happened after a vacation to Los Angeles where I was thinking of what would be the next phase of my life.

What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand? My laptop and iPad are my go-to devices and my iPad goes with me most places. Having Google Drive on my laptop, phone and iPad I can re-read anything on the go and also type my books.

What inspires you to write? My life situations, things going on around me, things going on in the world, people’s stories and experiences in their lives, being an observer of world events going on daily.

How often do you write? I try to write a good 3-…

I Don't Have Dreams, I Have Goals

Dreams are memories you have in your sleep, some are good, some aren't so good. I've never really had a dream about my journey that I'm on with my writing. It's always thoughts that I have in my head of people telling me that my books have impacted their lives which leads me to explaining how I don't have dreams, I have goals.

I have goals because I can do them while I'm awake, coherent, I have all of my senses and I can work toward them. When I accomplish one goal, it really is onto the next one. There's no time for me to celebrate, gloat, do a dance, I have more to get done. When you have a mindset of just having goals, you'll work toward them constantly.

When you dream, it's more of the mindset of, "I wish." I don't really wish for things, I work for things and do what needs to be done. I'll give you some examples of how I accomplish goals and then I move on. Let's start with publishing my books.

While it is a process to br…

The Bestseller Status Goal

I’ve spent countless hours listening to webinars and getting emails about getting to bestseller status as an author. While it is an attainable goal (it doesn’t take much to get there), I honestly don’t care for it. It’s something you can attach to your book, it’s an accolade I never thought about. I’m surely never going to be the guy who will change my book cover for it to say “New York Times Bestseller,” or any other bestseller status. I listened to a webinar a few weeks ago in hopes that I’d be taught something on how to get my books noticed and reach a bigger audience. Let’s just say I didn’t learn a thing and he spent over an hour talking about his company and how he got hundreds of authors to bestseller status. In between that, there was interaction in the chat box while he took sips of whatever was in his mug (water or coffee, who knows).

Let’s just say his goal was to get a few of us to invest thousands of dollars into his company to get your book formatted, discussing your book,…

The Hardest Part About Being An Author

There are always challenges with being an author, that's the truth. While I write content at a fast pace, it's because I have the time to do it. I make sure that I make everyday count no matter what because there's no guarantee I'll see tomorrow. But...there are the struggles that I deal with and go through as an author.

While I have been blessed with a talent to write and story tell, it's hard work and a mental battle. A lot of days I'm mentally tired and drained. I go through depressive periods most days because of there being no results for all of the hard work I've put into writing my books. I go through these phases of whether I want to walk away from it and do something else.

This is about building a brand, an audience and it's not easy when you're 2 years into this and nothing has really come of it. There's the question of how much money do I keep investing into this? How much more time do I keep investing? Is this all going to be worth …

Police Brutality In America

Police brutality has been an ongoing issue in American society for decades, this isn't just an all of a sudden occurrence that just started happening. It's an unfortunate reality and it seems like this major issue isn't going away anytime soon. People are thinking at this point that the police force is a gang that is only out to protect themselves and not the citizens of America.

There is an oath that's taken when police officers are sworn into the force and it seems like some follow it but not all. Unarmed black men are being killed at an alarming rate and most of it isn't covered on the news. When it is covered on the news, it only causes anger and nothing changes. It's a vicious cycle of abuse of power, neglect and treating people inhumanely. 
With all that is going on, I felt it was time for me to write a book about police brutality. I decided to write a book from a police officer's perspective, not necessarily a citizen's perspective. Everyone has…

Gun Control In America

This has been the biggest issue that's been going on lately, gun control. What can be done about it, how do we get control of it and how do we keep guns out of the hands of people who have the potential to commit malicious crimes? There's no clear cut answer but the reality is, we have a gun control issue legally and illegally. The thing is there's the constant discussion of gun control laws and the registration process. Yes, I get it, there has to be more done in regards to that so let's delve into this first.

The school shootings are crazy, sad, unfortunate and it seems like there is nowhere that is safe anymore. Schools, nightclubs, airports, movie theaters, concerts, it's a constant part of looking over your shoulder to make sure nothing bad is going to happen. The recent school shootings goes to show that gun control laws do need to be revised and that we need to be looking deeper into what's going on with these constant mass shootings.

The growing concer…

I Need Sleep To Succeed

I don't fall for the work and get no sleep ordeal, that'll never happen in my lifetime. For people who made it and grinded through not getting any sleep, great, more power to you. Like I've said in a previous blog post, I won't ever work 18 hours a day, I tend to plan my days through knowing certain tasks will be worked on and others will be worked on another day.

It's different for me because I'm an entrepreneur but then I'm not in some ways. CEOs of companies, most of them have to work long days. For me, I can work on certain projects a few hours a day and then spend my time thinking and observing the world to get new ideas. I definitely need sleep to succeed and do well in what I do.

When I get sleep, I write better (which is why I don't write much when I don't get enough sleep). In all honesty, my books are written on a good eight hours of sleep bare minimum. My mental focus is there and my content is valuable when I get a good amount of sleep.

Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 2-Releases on Feb 28th!

This Wednesday makes two years I've been publishing books. On Wednesday, I will be publishing Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 2. This is one of my favorite books to write and it focuses on a police officer on the force named Gary. He gets caught up in the corruption, lies and deceit of being in a police department that don't abide by the oath they took to the community.

The realities of the world today is there is always the question of whether good cops know who the bad ones are. There's the question of whether good cops are naive to the atrocities that go on within their police department and what goes on outside in the world. There was a purpose in me writing this book and broadening people's minds into what goes on in the world of a police officer.

While these books that I write are fictional, the issues that are discussed deal with racism, corruption, prejudicial issues and many other things. The focus should be on the relationship between the police …

If You Don't Love It, Don't Do It

Too many times, people tend to do things for the quick money and to have a good payday. Most people don't have a passion for what they're doing. If you're not passionate at what you do, you shouldn't really be doing it. Eventually it all comes back to get you and you lose out on what you're really meant to do in your life.

It's perfectly okay to be passionate about different things, it's just a matter of what things are you going to put your heart into daily. It's what are you putting 100% into every single day. I'm passionate about plenty of things but over the past few years, I've weeded out what I don't want to do and have put my focus and energy into writing.

It's hard to give anyone sound advice on how to find your passion and what you love. The reason why is I was once passionate about being a basketball analyst for the NBA and be on television. Then I was passionate about the retail trends, I loved television production and the b…

It's Never A Straight Line To Accomplish Your Goals

The title of this blog explains itself, it's never a straight line to accomplish your goals. When you start the process of doing something, you will automatically think that it's going to be smooth sailing and you'll get things done. Then....reality hits you square in your chest and you realize, it's going to be tougher than you thought.

While I do a lot of work and get a lot accomplished, it doesn't mean that I'm filled with distractions on a daily basis. The lines always get squiggly somewhere a long the way. Those squiggly lines will consist of various distractions in your life. Work, friends, family, kids (I don't have any yet), events, errands, chores, household duties, bills, and plenty of other things. The point is, there has to be a point in your mind where you say to yourself, "I have to get things done and I have to organize myself."

Organizing yourself means doing what has to be done in your day and figuring out the best time for you t…

Embracing My Own Journey

I don't sit and read many books on entrepreneurship and "how to" books for numerous reasons. For one I'm an author and reaching an audience is hard enough as it is. Getting someone's attention these days takes serious dedication. With the distractions that are around us daily, sometimes even a book cover isn't going to get someone's attention.

For me, reading books would take time away from learning things on my own. I've learned a lot along with the way within the short time frame that I have been publishing books. It takes a lot of different strategies, thought process and marketing yourself to readers and people who are truly interested in your book(s).

By the time I sit and read a book on what someone else did, I could've learned 3-5 things on my own that I can apply to what I'm doing. The reality is, I'm in a genre where no one wants to read it because of the stigmas and thoughts of it...poetry. My books are different than others and…

Everyday, I Watch Motivational Videos

The title of this blog explains itself and I will explain my reasoning for doing this. For starters, most days I don't want to go to work, I just want to be home working on my craft and working on my projects. Some days, I don't want to do the work that needs to be done (which is not often because I love what I do in regards to my writing), but I do it.

Motivational videos keep you in a good place and in good spirits. Listening to people's stories and how they got to where they are is a great thing. It let's your mind know that if they did it, you can too. So everyday, I go on YouTube and I watch at least 1-2 videos on motivation, inspiration, drive, determination, accomplishing goals, work ethic, whatever it is, I watch it.

I have subscribed to plenty of channels that are associated with that. Most days, I do wake up with a purpose and goals to accomplish and a reason for what I'm doing. I know that I want to inspire people to do well in life, but I also want peo…

Creating Audiobooks

Audiobooks have become the biggest aspect to the author business and it is crucial to readers/listeners. Most people either don't have the time to sit and read a book on their tech device or buy a paperback to sit and read a book. The business of audiobooks have taken off and that's a great thing. But...then there are cons to it too.

See, investing into paying someone to record an audiobook is costly. There's no getting around it, I'm going to be honest. By the time I thought about doing audiobooks, I was 5 books in and already knew that I'd be spending a good $300-$400 a book, so that's a good $2000 out of my pocket. Now, I'm 7 books into it so that's $2800 dollars give or take. That's a lot of money and that's promotion, investments and marketing money that I can use.

So...I decided to record my own audiobooks. After a lot of trial and error of apps I used, websites I tried to figure out, along with microphones, I was able to find what works …

The Closest People Will NOT Support You

Whatever you choose to do with your life, the closest people in your life will NOT support you. If that's what you're thinking in your mind, that is not going to be your reality. I'm only writing this blog to forewarn you of the bullshit that's to come. You will get the people who will run their mouths and click like more on your posts than ACTUALLY supporting you.
See what people fail to realize is when you have a vision and big goals, it's not about self-gratification on social media websites, likes and comments. If we wanted that, we'd just do videos like all of the other attention seekers on social media websites. The biggest part of all of this is to stay focused on your goals. Don't let others keep you from continually striving for greatness.

It will be a very lonely road and it's going to suck. To save you the pain and anger that I experienced when I first published my first book, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man," I'll tell you …

How I Get My Book Ideas

Every once in a while, I talk to someone who really wants to know how my mind works. I was fortunate to be able to talk to a few people who ask me that one question, how do I get my book ideas? It's a process with how I get my book ideas, a lot of times it can be just thinking and brainstorming or it can be something that happens in the world. There are times where I'll have a conversation with someone about the world and then a light bulb goes off and then a book idea comes to mind.

If you don't know by now, there's a blue book that I carry with me everywhere I go. This book is where every idea, brainstorming session begins and ends and how I formulate chapters. Observation of the world, what has happened and what can potentially happen is how I get my book ideas. I'm not necessarily fixated on a specific societal issue. This gives me the flexibility to write about different subjects that I feel strongly about.

Let's take for an example Code Blue: An Oath to …

So You Want To Write A Book

Everyone wants to write a book. It's too bad a lot of you won't get it published...ever. Yes, that's right I said it and here's the reason why, you have too many distractions in your life. Let's just say I know someone and she has been writing a book for quite a while. This has been a process for nearly 2 years and I've published 7 books and she still hasn't published the one she has been working on.

This is not to toot my own horn or brag or be this cocky, pompous jerk because I'm nowhere near that. If you met me in person, I'm personable, observant and quiet mostly. I let my writing do the talking in a nutshell. I know what I'm doing in regards to my goals. So back to the subject matter of wanting to write a book.

Too many people will go to an author and say they want to publish a book, how do I do it? My first question is, have you written a book. When the answer is no, there's not much else to talk about. If you've started it, I'…