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End of Year Thoughts/Things I've Learned From Publishing

For starters, I never thought that I would publish 1 book this year but I've published 3 books. It's been an interesting journey for me this year as I've figured out my purpose in life and my passion for writing. I've always enjoyed writing, especially poetry but I never knew I'd be writing in this magnitude and I'm happy GOD showed me this journey and got me to sit down and write stories about societal issues that we all face in today's society.

The biggest thing I learned this year with my publishing is to do it on your own, you appreciate the journey more. I wrote, proofread, edited, wrote the synopsis for my books, created the book covers and went through the complete process with publishing my book. I only hired people to format my books which is something I plan on incorporating into things I want to learn how to do in the coming year.

As far as other things I've learned, don't get caught up in reading all of these books by people who have the…

Writing My First Book and the Process

When I decided to write my first book, the process was arduous but definitely worth it. I knew I wanted to write something worthwhile so I decided I needed to address the issues that men face in today's society. One of them being that we are weak if we express and show emotion and feelings. Meanwhile, women want a man who is able to express himself but not do it too much to where he isn't manly enough.

So I started to think about things we as men struggle with along with things that I struggle with on a daily basis. I knew I had to incorporate all of the things I see and deal with on a regular basis and then add some things to it such as a young man who's made mistakes and is learning things about life along the way. It took a good 2 weeks to brainstorm all of the ideas and writing down things I wanted to address and discuss in the book.
I knew I was good at writing poetry so that was the only format I saw myself writing in. I've been writing poetry since I was 13 year…

The Struggles and Growth of a Man

The biggest thing happened to me a few days ago. I got a book review from Realistic Poetry International, a company that does book services for up and coming authors and writers. They do book reviews and I sent my first book, The Struggles and Growth of a Man to be reviewed. I got an amazing review and that's when it finally hit me, I am really good at this and I hope that my books will impact people's lives. You can find my books on Amazon and all other major bookstores. Be sure to check out my author profile page on Bublish to get excerpts from each chapter, eBooks are 99 cents right now so take advantage! Below is my review:

Review of:
The Struggles and Growth of a Man
by Jamell Crouthers
Reviewed by:
Realistic Poetry International

“A book that forces you to reanalyze yourself & life.”

Poetry to Change the World

For ages, the image of a man has primarily been identified by popular alpha male characteristics such as; masculinity, strength, and power. His primary role being, th…