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My Radio Show Interview For My Book

There's nothing harder than marketing yourself to the masses. I did what not many people do when it comes to their books. I went to the radio to market my book. It seems unlikely that you can do something like that but I was able to through using my smarts and figuring out what avenues I can do down.

So last Sunday, I was able to setup an interview on a talk radio show and answer a few questions about my book:

It's a great interview, worth the listen and it'll give you insight into my book, why I wrote it and my purpose for putting forth so much time into writing a story like this. The interview is 10 minutes long and I answer questions that most people would ask me if they met me.

I hope you all enjoy listening to it and if you have the iTunes Store on your phone, tablet or laptop, its under the Talk 2 Q radio show, you'll see my name in his podcasts Jamell Crouthers.

Be good and follow your goals and dreams, don't be an average person in a wo…

Your Purpose In Life

Sometimes I wonder if people ever stop to think what their purpose is in life. I say that because I'm around so many people that live a life of mediocrity. It seems like people are walking around like zombies like they have no purpose in life. Everything is so routine and predictable. Wake up to the same alarm clock every morning, get ready for work, sit at a desk, do your work, get paid and wait for Friday to enjoy your weekend.

It's just a sad thing to look at and see. I understand that certain circumstances with having kids, a home, a car and a family to support where you have to grind but then I look at people with the same situations who busted their butts to do better for themselves and their families in life. Has society brainwashed people into law-abiding citizens where they don't critically think and strive for greatness? I'm not saying that everyone should be striving for something bigger but I see potential in so many people and they don't even see it in…

Societal Issues

There's always the question of why societal issues are never discussed. Are we afraid of speaking about it because it's taboo? Or maybe it's because we don't want to offend anyone. I wouldn't know but too many times we see things go on in front of us or on the news and nothing is done about it.
There are groups of people who do all that they can but there needs to be more people doing more things. Why don't people have more compassion for others in the world? It seems like nothing bothers us until it hits close to home, then we seem to react to things. It seems like it takes a tragic event to make us react to things and what's going on in our environments. 
This is why I wrote this current book which you see below. I watch and observe the world daily and I wrote a few chapters of stories that happen to people and hopefully it opens people's eyes to how much is going on around us and all of the time.
It's time we start discussing societal issues, wh…