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My Determination For Success

After years of working in the sports industry along with retail, I finally realized what I am supposed to be doing, writing. I started writing poetry at such a young age but I never took it seriously enough to where people would actually read what I have to say. I feel that the world has so many issues and we need to be open to discussing them.

To me, my success will be determined by how many people read my poetry along with reading the books that I write. I feel that GOD has given me a talent and to speak through him. My ability to story tell has grown over time and I'm nowhere near where I want to be. I have a lot of poetry books to write and they're different than the conventional book that you would pickup at a bookstore.

I write my poetry books, edit them, make book covers, write the synopsis, publish it and market my book. So in hindsight, I do a lot of things and there's a reason behind it. I have a vision, I have goals and I like to be in control. The point is, be …

A Man's Struggles

Life is hard and it's a tough road. There's an understanding that, we all go through experiences to learn things and grow from those experiences. Through it all, we struggle, go through trials and tribulations to get to where we are supposed to be. So why is it that society has trained our minds to look at men as weak because we go through struggles in life?

It's one of those catch 22s where a man has to be manly and show his bravado rather than express and show emotion. Women wonder why we as men struggle to express our feelings, be open and be vulnerable. It's because society has ingrained into our minds to be strong, hold your emotions and feelings in, crying is for punks (which we are told from the minute we are able to walk on our own as babies). When we fall as kids, our parents told us stop crying, even though we are hurting and feeling some pain. We never take into account how the things we are told as young children come back to haunt us when we become adults.

What Has America Come To?

There's so much I can say about the past week of events going on in America. It's really sad to see what the world is coming to. All of these killings by police officers on young black men is becoming far too common. For me, well as a mixed race man (even though people see me as black because of my skin tone), it's a hard subject to discuss and deal with.

Seeing all of the social media posts got to me after a while, I had to sign off because there was too much anger and negativity and rightfully so. I try to avoid watching the news too much, life is hard enough as it is and you're not guaranteed tomorrow which is even scarier. The only thing I can really say about all of this is, be diligent in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. While at the moment you are angry, after you calm down, take the time to think everything through.

This has been an ongoing problem for hundreds of years. Black people have gone from the slave trade, to lynchings to now videotaped shootings…