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My Passion for Writing and Storytelling

Years ago, I started seriously writing poetry and eventually I decided to write a book. I always knew I had a talent and a knack for it, I just never got to a point where I decided I'm going to write something that has meaning and purpose. I always thought to myself, no one will care to read what I have to say, plus it's poetry but boy was I wrong.
I went onto social media and started posting my poetry on Instagram and eventually I grew a following of my writing. I began writing about content that was relates to people and gets them to think about life. A lot of what I write comes from experiences, what I'm thinking at that moment, what I'm feeling, an experience a friend has been through or something that I commonly see in today's society. 
Poetry became a sense of enjoyment and escape for me. Since I don't openly discuss my thoughts (since my mind is full of clutter), I figured people can get to know me a little more through my writing (since I'm a privat…