Conversations With My Doctor (Follow Your Passion)

Every year, I go for a daily checkup at my doctor's office and we always have engaging conversations. She always asks me how my life is going, if I'm stressed, depressed, things I'm dealing with and going through. She truly cares about her patients and takes time to ask about their lives and what goals they have.

We talked about what I'm currently doing which is my books, blogging, and growing my author brand. She always knew how passionate I was about sports and how I wanted to make it in that arena. I showed her one of my books and gave her my business card. She was so happy for me and she said she's happy that I'm doing what I love. She heard the passion in my voice and how I was talking about my books, she knew that this was going to be my future.

Our conversation transitioned into talking about her other patients, some who are younger than me and she had conversations with them about their lives and what they want to do. She told me that most of them are …

45 Interview Questions With Jamell Crouthers

Recently, I did an interview with a book website but instead of posting the link to the website, I figured why not share it. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about me as a person, writer and author. I hope you enjoy reading!

When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer?
It never dawned upon me, I’ve been writing poetry since I was 13 years old. It just happened after a vacation to Los Angeles where I was thinking of what would be the next phase of my life.

What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand? My laptop and iPad are my go-to devices and my iPad goes with me most places. Having Google Drive on my laptop, phone and iPad I can re-read anything on the go and also type my books.

What inspires you to write? My life situations, things going on around me, things going on in the world, people’s stories and experiences in their lives, being an observer of world events going on daily.

How often do you write? I try to write a good 3-…

I Don't Have Dreams, I Have Goals

Dreams are memories you have in your sleep, some are good, some aren't so good. I've never really had a dream about my journey that I'm on with my writing. It's always thoughts that I have in my head of people telling me that my books have impacted their lives which leads me to explaining how I don't have dreams, I have goals.

I have goals because I can do them while I'm awake, coherent, I have all of my senses and I can work toward them. When I accomplish one goal, it really is onto the next one. There's no time for me to celebrate, gloat, do a dance, I have more to get done. When you have a mindset of just having goals, you'll work toward them constantly.

When you dream, it's more of the mindset of, "I wish." I don't really wish for things, I work for things and do what needs to be done. I'll give you some examples of how I accomplish goals and then I move on. Let's start with publishing my books.

While it is a process to br…

The Bestseller Status Goal

I’ve spent countless hours listening to webinars and getting emails about getting to bestseller status as an author. While it is an attainable goal (it doesn’t take much to get there), I honestly don’t care for it. It’s something you can attach to your book, it’s an accolade I never thought about. I’m surely never going to be the guy who will change my book cover for it to say “New York Times Bestseller,” or any other bestseller status. I listened to a webinar a few weeks ago in hopes that I’d be taught something on how to get my books noticed and reach a bigger audience. Let’s just say I didn’t learn a thing and he spent over an hour talking about his company and how he got hundreds of authors to bestseller status. In between that, there was interaction in the chat box while he took sips of whatever was in his mug (water or coffee, who knows).

Let’s just say his goal was to get a few of us to invest thousands of dollars into his company to get your book formatted, discussing your book,…

The Hardest Part About Being An Author

There are always challenges with being an author, that's the truth. While I write content at a fast pace, it's because I have the time to do it. I make sure that I make everyday count no matter what because there's no guarantee I'll see tomorrow. But...there are the struggles that I deal with and go through as an author.

While I have been blessed with a talent to write and story tell, it's hard work and a mental battle. A lot of days I'm mentally tired and drained. I go through depressive periods most days because of there being no results for all of the hard work I've put into writing my books. I go through these phases of whether I want to walk away from it and do something else.

This is about building a brand, an audience and it's not easy when you're 2 years into this and nothing has really come of it. There's the question of how much money do I keep investing into this? How much more time do I keep investing? Is this all going to be worth …